New York Jets: It's Time to Sign Buddy the Elf at Quarterback

Tyler Brooke@TylerDBrookeSenior Analyst IIDecember 25, 2012

The New York Jets are struggling to find a quarterback, and the fans are beginning to get restless.

Mark Sanchez had started the majority of the season, but he was recently sat down. His 67.9 passer rating was one of the worst in the NFL, and his inability to score points and win games caused the Jets to go in a different direction.

With Greg McElroy now starting, the Jets' season has become a joke. With Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez not even on the field, it's time for the Jets to consider benching McElroy and bringing in an even better replacement.

That's right, Buddy the Elf.

When Tebow was signed by the Jets, many believed that it was merely a publicity stunt to sell tickets and jerseys. If that's the case, then Buddy would be an even more appealing target.

While Buddy spent most of his days in the North Pole, he recently moved to the great city of New York to find his father. His recent move makes him easily accessible for the Jets' front office to contact him.

The 6'3" human raised by elves has the stature to play quarterback in the NFL. With his height, he will be able to see over the offensive line, and perhaps avoid running into their rear-ends.

Buddy has a truly rocket arm, a must in the NFL that Tebow and Sanchez can't really brag about. His arm strength and accuracy were shown of during an impressive snow ball fight in Central Park. The ability to make pinpoint throws with incredible speed make Jets fans about as excited as seeing Joe Namath come out of retirement.

What is perhaps Buddy's most desired trait is his ability to bring Christmas cheer to all he meets. With a volatile locker room that is perhaps in more turmoil with the disappointing season, Buddy would be the perfect choice to bring in and lift their spirits.

Buddy is truly the best option the Jets have right now. Even if the elf is truly fictional, Rex Ryan can still dream.

Merry Christmas everybody.