NASCAR: 10 Old-School Drivers Who Likely Would Have Excelled in the Chase Format

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NASCAR: 10 Old-School Drivers Who Likely Would Have Excelled in the Chase Format
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In its nine-year existence, a number of positive things have resulted from the Chase for the Sprint Cup format.

It's brought about a semblance of excitement and a thrilling playoff atmosphere that was rarely seen in pre-Chase championship runs.

In the first few years of the Chase, comparisons with the old format were numerous. How many thousands of times did fans ask, "Yeah, I know he won the Chase, but where would he have been in the points if there wasn't a Chase?"

Even to this day, nine years into the Chase tradition, some folks STILL want to know where drivers would have finished under the old points, non-Chase format.

That kind of still-lingering refusal by some fans and observers to fully accept the Chase format—hoping upon hope (and likely never will they see it happen) that the Chase format goes away and the Sprint Cup series returns to its old winner-takes-all championship—got us thinking.

What if, hypothetically, the Chase had always been omnipresent? In other words, when NASCAR formed in the late 1940s, one of the first things on the agenda in creating a yearly championship would have been implementation of a Chase-style format.

And if so, might that have changed the course of NASCAR history?

So we thought we'd pull out our little time machine and go backwards, coupled with the use of a crystal ball for prognosticating, to see what old school drivers might have loved the Chase format of today.

There are a lot of drivers that could easily make this list, including some drivers that retired just before the advent of the Chase.

Conversely, some of our 10 picks may not have been complete fans of the Chase because it could have severely affected their ultimate achievements in the sport, but we still included them in our list.

And speaking of lists, this is not a chronological listing of the 10 drivers we picked. We simply put forth facts and hypotheses and let the readers decide for themselves if they agree or disagree.

So without further ado, we present the 10 old school drivers who would have loved the Chase format:

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