TR: Tyler's Rant The Debut Edition

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 18, 2009

All B/R writers,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Tyler's Rant or Rant's if you like to call it. In the debut I will go over a variety of topics that have been bothering me or I just feel like talking about.

Let's get things started:


Well, I don't have to say anything besides R.I.P because Shane Howard took the words right out of my mouth.

The Beautiful People-

Drop it likes it hot.

Is it me or is TNA basically selling sex? I wonder why some of the highest rated points on Impact belong to these ladies.

Pretty soon TNA wont stand for Total Nonstop Action if you know what I mean.


What else can the man do with me and Hotnuke praising the man? Don't you think it's time the NBA just hand the MVP title over?


It's about time WWE should have done this a long time ago—the Tag Team division will be much more interesting now.

Rampage out, Machida in-

Why are some people hating on that decision?

Obiviously Jackson needed a rest, also this creates another great fight—Machida vs. Evans—it will be a classic.

Obama, Obama, Obama-

I wonder how much better Obama's NCAA March Madness bracket is compared to others.

Undertaker vs HBK= YAWN

Yes, I said it.

First off, we all know who is going to win (Undertaker).

Second, it will be a good match but what else can you do with it? The only appeal to it right now is Undertaker's famous streak.

Well, the first edition of TR: Tyler's Rant has been completed and there will be more to come. If you have any other topics you think I should tackle let me know.

Oh yeah I have one more:

Cutler stop crying and come to Da Bears.