Phoenix Coyotes Enforcer Paul Bissonnette Gets Pranked

John Degroote@john_degrooteCorrespondent IINovember 3, 2012

Bissonnette got pranked hard by Flames forward Mike Cammalleri.
Bissonnette got pranked hard by Flames forward Mike Cammalleri.Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

Twitter sensation and Phoenix Coyotes tough guy Paul Bissonnette got pranked hard by Calgary Flames forward Mike Cammalleri.

"I knew something was up right away," said Bisonnette (via USA Today), who has more than 340,000 followers on Twitter. "I was actually texting (Cammalleri) while it was going on. I said, 'Oh, I'm getting the run-around at the game.' He wrote back, 'No way. What's going on? I'm in the rink.'"

The incident happened at the BioSteel camp at the end of August in Ontario. You can see the video here,

Cammalleri sat back from afar and gave the "security" instructions as they ran with the stunt. Props have to be given to the actors who kept a straight face while questioning "Biznasty" and nearly undressing the NHL player in the streets.

The guard constantly questions whether Bissonnette meets the standards of what an NHL'er should look like and even asks him if the hats, sticks and jerseys he has in the car are what he brought to get autographed by the players.

The most interesting line in the video came when the guard asks him what team he plays for. Bissonnette responds with "Phoenix—well maybe Quebec soon."

The ownership issues still linger during the lockout for the Phoenix Coyotes.

Captain Shane Doan spoke on the issue, saying (via TSN)

We've had zero ability to build off what we've done on the ice the last three years because every summer it's the same: 'Are we leaving? Are we staying? And this time we make it to the conference finals and we generate real excitement and then we get the lockout and we're talking about staying or leaving again.

The statement by Bissonnette can be over-analyzed and it can be assumed that he knows something we don't; however, that is probably not true. Bissonnette probably just said the statement offhand.

As for revenge for the prank against Cammalleri, Bissonnette said, "I'm not a big prankster but if something comes about and someone confronts me about it or I just think about it at the time, yeah for sure."

Bissonnette signed a lockout deal with the Cardiff Devils of British's elite hockey league this week.