Red Sox: "I Say a Little Prayer For You"

Thomas H.Correspondent IMarch 13, 2009

Every year, it comes time for a sports fan to sit down, take a deep breath and assess their team’s chances in their division.

This year I sat down and looked at this Red Sox lineup and the same comment that I have said year after year does not come up: We are not a contender.

With one of the biggest salary caps and a fan base, the Red Sox have continued to be a contender year after year, getting wild cards or taking the AL East with showing dominance in 90+ win seasons.

Every year I come to see our lineup at the beginning of the year, looking at the speedsters, the solid pitching staff and the home run hitters.

This year, I see nothing. I am blinded by the quietness of power that is this Red Sox team. There are two reasons:


The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox have the most to spend on players, by far, yet this year; there was only one team.

The Yankees signed Teixeira, Burnett and Sabathia all for big year and big time contracts.

Three stars.

The Red Sox lost a part time starter (Coco Crisp) and made minimal pitching pickups, nothing impressed me of this off-season. 


Wakefield is like a grandfather to rookies, Beckett, Drew, Lowell, Smoltz and David Ortiz all having high chances of injury due to their age. I am sure at least two of those will have time off the roster. 

I say a little prayer for you, Red Sox…

…And if I were in a Hugh Grant movie I'd even star dancing, but the fact is: We're not a contender.