Is Viking Coach Childress The First Fired in 2009?

Dean SomervilleCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2009

Overwhelming expectations for success in Minnesota will get Brad Childress fired.

Minnesota has 10 starters more than 30-years-old. They have another 13 players that will be 29 or 30 by the end of 2009.

They have to win now. They will not.


The last five off-seasons have brought very little help to the team.

Viking Fans want to point out Adrian Peterson, Jared Allen and overrate Bernard Berrian. The flash and mirrors of a few stars does not make a winner.

Other than those three, in the last five seasons, their influx of talent has been just about nothing.

The 2007 draft class that brought Peterson was not bad, but not great.

Second rounder, Rice, has become a reasonable, but unspectacular second or third best WR.

Third rounder, McCauley, contributes on special teams and may be a desperation starter for 2009.

Fourth rounder Robinson has a total of 38 tackles, and seven sacs more than two-years and is a rotation player on the DL.

Fifth rounder, Allison, has a total of 18 receptions in two seasons. One star and four marginal players added in 2007.

Last year, other than Allan for picks, the team added second rounder, Johnson, who had 31 tackles and one interception. He may develop into a legitimate star.

They only kept three other draft picks: sixth rounder, Sullivan, who is a very long way from replacing Birk, and Guillion and Booty who never played a down in 2008.

2008 added one star: Albeit 29-years-old now, and one starter and one maybe capable of starting OL.

Going to the three-years preceding that the draft brought in 2004, Uzdeke a backup DE, Dugan a backup FB and Thomas who shows on the roster, but not on the depth chart at LB.

The 2005 draft class has Johnson a career backup OG the roster, not shown on the depth chart.

2006 has Greenway, a very good starting LB; Griffin the starting CB who people are saying makes too many mistakes, but is the best they have; Cook the starting RT whom everyone wants an upgrade for; Jackson the starting QB whom, Viking fans are really frustrated with and Edwards, a free agent DE.

In the last five-years the draft has brought a true star at RB; starters, but certainly far short of all star quality players at LB, QB, OT, CB, WR, S and Nickel who will start at corner one day.

It has also landed three backup DE.

In total, the Minnesota management has managed to draft one superstar, seven starters, and six backup players, in addition to one star player for draft picks.

Fifteen players on an entire 53 man roster from the five most recent draft classes indicates they have a severe lack of young talent to replace the guys getting older or who may get hurt.

That indicates a roster ready to crumble.

They have one pick in each of the first three rounds a fifth and two-seventh rounders this year.

Six totals picks, three of them being wild long shots at best, has not much chance to prop up a whole team.

The team traded last year’s draft class to sign Allan.

Only two of the last five draft classes were reasonable, three are complete failures.

They have no “franchise” QB, an offensive line thinner than tissue paper with two aging stars, two who never quite became stars, and after four and six-years respectively, never will, and one rookie who lasted until the sixth round last year.

The only other OL on the roster are G, Johnson, a 2005 draft bust, and three undrafted rookie free agents that have yet to dress for a first NFL game: one, a C, weighs in at 240-pounds.

(Good luck Adrian Peterson).

The offense also boasts a third year starting QB who has shown only inconsistency and a receiving corps that is mid league at very best. Brad Childress will have to be a magician to make this offense into anything but poor.

The defense boasts a DL that was the best in the league.

Of the DT that started one is now 38 the other 30, both facing suspensions.

They did recently sign their FA backup of six-years and have a fifth rounder on the roster.

The DE spot has one superstar and three rotational guys one of those is a FA—hard to see them remaining dominant, especially during the suspension to their second best DL.

Their best LB is 30-years and coming off injury.

They do have a very good OLB on one side, but the other is manned by another more than 30-year-old who had a career year last year.

One solid FA backup was resigned, but there is little depth.

They have two young DB who, other than Peterson are two of the three best picks of the last five-years of drafting in their secondary. Other than that the future there looks bleak also.

With so little depth, aging stars in very key positions, no significant signings in free agency, their own free agents of significance gone or as yet unsigned and very little chance to fill many holes with their limited draft position, the Minnesota Vikings look to be a team on the brink of disaster.

From a win-loss perspective this team will be very hard pressed to duplicate last season’s nine wins, even with a relatively soft schedule.

With the hype surrounding this as a potential “elite” team, when the crash comes someone will pay.  Management never accepts the fact that not enough talent is why some coaches lose.

Sorry Brad, you have become my candidate for “most likely to be the first coach fired in 2009.”