A Roger Federer Fan's Experiment

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009


I will attempt to prove that a Federer fan, myself, is an unlucky element in his game and to determine the remedial measures needed to solve the problem.



My approach is a statistical analysis of Federer's matches after I became his fan.



For the sake of this experiment, tubes, acids, and litmus paper are not necessary. A mere listing of the facts in the form of statistics is enough to prove my point:

1. Hamburg Masters [2008]: Federer vs. Nadal. The defending champion lost out to Nadal after a tough three-set match. What is more important is that Federer was leading in the first set before losing the set and ultimately the match.

2. French Open [2008]: The losing finalist in 2006, 2007, and 2008 lost out yet again in 2008; this time the scoreline was far worse than what could be imagined.

3. Beijing Olympics [2008]: James Blake finally overcame Federer and denied him a chance to win a medal in the singles, defeating him in the quarterfinals.

4. Rogers Masters [2008]: An inconsequential entity, at that time, by the name of Gilles Simon defeated Federer, the defending champion, in the second round.

5. Cincinnati Masters [2008]: Federer lost to Ivo Karlovic, who chose that day to humiliate him, in the third round.

6. Wimbledon [2008]: The five-time Wimbledon Champion was thwarted by Nadal yet again in the finals. This was Nadal's first Slam victory on a non-clay surface.

If these losses were not enough, Federer also lost his World No. 1 ranking to Nadal; and who was I supporting all this time? Are there any guesses?

Plus, I left out some notable defeats: The Australian Open 2008 and 2009,  Shanghai Masters 2008, and ATP Doha 2009.



Thus, from this evidence, it is quite clear that I am definitely a bad luck magnet. So what is the solution to block such eventualities?

There is just one way to stop to this trend. I will stop watching and following all his matches. Under no given circumstances should I turn my head in the direction of the channel in which his matches are aired!

Post Scriptum: The above article is presented a lighter vein. As much as I am guilty of ruining my Hero's chances of victory, I have no intention of shying away from watching his brilliance on-court. After all, he doesn't lose all his matches does, he?