Towson vs. LSU: Cupcake Matchup Will Hurt Les Miles' Squad Down the Stretch

Mike HoagCorrespondent IISeptember 29, 2012

AUBURN, AL - SEPTEMBER 22:  Head coach Les Miles of the LSU Tigers and his team celebrate their 12-10 win over the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium on September 22, 2012 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Nobody is impressed that the FBS LSU Tigers can and will blow out the FCS Towson Tigers in a game of football. 

In a contest of wits or chess, maybe Towson would stand a chance. But that isn’t the case, as LSU is set to kick off against its easiest task of the season.

But the sad reality of this game Saturday is that LSU is going to win big and nobody is going to think twice about it. Even if the Tigers win by 60 points, what have they accomplished?

LSU has a very talented football team and should end the season on a positive note. But why is it necessary to schedule games like this in order to pad stats leading into SEC play?

That’s especially true for a program in such a competitive conference.

No. 1-ranked Alabama has scheduled tough non-conference games. Where’s LSU’s challenge?

The Towson Tigers? Please.

Towson head coach Rob Ambrose sounded intimidated in the face of his team’s impending slaughter by the third-ranked LSU Tigers.

"I've been looking for any holes I can find. I can't find any," Ambrose said, according to an Associated Press report (via ESPN). "This is the most athletically talented, technically sound football team I've ever seen on film. ... Obviously, this is going to be quite a challenge for us."

What business does a team like he describes have scheduling teams like Towson?

The overmatched Towson Tigers are in for the battle of their lives, while the LSU Tigers will roll to an easy, huge victory, resting up and preparing for their matchup against the 11th-ranked Florida Gators next week.

In the school’s football program’s history, Towson has only played against five FBS teams (Navy, Northwestern, Kent State, Indiana and Maryland) and hasn’t won against a single one of them.

Where’s the challenge?

Sure, a lot of football programs fill the opening weeks of their schedules with games like this. But none of those other school’s should get a pass, either.

Les Miles and his team may suffer in the long run. The only way matchups like this don’t end up hurting your team’s strength of schedule is if you run the table and win out the season.

Good luck, LSU.


Mike Hoag is a Breaking News Team writer with Bleacher Report and also covers the Cleveland Browns and the NFL for the site.