Novak Djokovic: Tennis and Its Chequered Star

Rohini IyerSenior Writer IMarch 6, 2009

When Novak Djokovic first came into prominence, he got recognition as a stand-up comedian with his impersonating acts along with his tennis playing acumen and maybe this was a reason that his fans started referring him as the "Djoker."

The nickname still stands but long gone are the days when Nole used to dually enthrall people.

The Novak Djokovic of the present, post the 2008 Aus Open is a Djokovic who is full of seriousness, a certain amount of sharp tongue with all playful naivety vanished.

This Djokovic, has started garnering hate mail along with love letters for some blunt actions and talking; a Djokovic who finds himself in absolute brightness of light before being sucked into a vortex of a black hole.

In the two years that Nole has been in the top three, he has tasted everything: success, failure, love, harshness and in some parts of the world even rejection.

But still he stands tall taking all of these in a mature manner that most 21 year olds won't be able to display. His bluntness has cutting edges but he does not refrain from using them, whenever required.

His critics resented his comments against Roddick and picked on him, while a few months later the entire world and his fans loved the attitude that he displayed during his 2009 Aus Open match against Amer Delic.

To Federer fans, his challenge to Federer appeared cocky; but that was the confidence of a 20 year old and if he dared to challenge, then what about his ability to appreciate his opponent in case of a good shot or a pass? That sort of attitude is healthy, isn't it?

Life as it is, is never pure black or white. Its always a frothy mixture of both combined to form "Grey" and to me, in the tennis world, Novak Djokovic is the perfect example to that.

"Grey" doesn't mean any sort of villiany [thank you movies] but just a colour coding to show that nothing and no one in this world is without flaws. Its up to a person to decide what shade of grey he wants and I know for sure, whats the shade of Nole's greyness!