4 Things Tim Tebow Can Do Better Than Mark Sanchez

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystSeptember 22, 2012

4 Things Tim Tebow Can Do Better Than Mark Sanchez

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    Well, it took all of two games and one bad performance by New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez for the controversy that everyone knew was coming to pick up speed, and, sure enough, head coach Rex Ryan is already gruffly deflecting questions about why Tim Tebow isn't seeing more game action for Gang Green.

    Listen, I'm not going to say that the Jets should install Tebow as their starting quarterback, but there are some things that he brings to the table that Sanchez can't, and here's a look at a few examples of why maybe, just maybe, the Jets could use some more "Tebow Time."

Tebow Can Extend Plays with His Legs

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    Granted, I will say the New York Jets offensive line has played better in the first two games of this season than many expected, but that just means they've been average as opposed to terrible.

    In fact, Sanchez has only been sacked twice in two games, which is pretty good for a quarterback who isn't the fleetest of foot.

    However, two games is a small sample size, and the Jets were ranked in the bottom half of the NFL in sacks allowed in 2011, so at some point it's not unreasonable to expect that pass protection to become an issue.

    Tebow may not be able to throw an accurate pass to save his life, but running for it he's good at.

Tebow Takes Better Care of the Football

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    I know, I didn't believe it either.

    Given his erratic passing and penchant for fumbling, one would think Tebow is much more turnover-prone than Sanchez.

    Think again.

    Sanchez actually lost more fumbles (eight) than Tebow (six) in 2011, in addition to throwing over twice as many interceptions.

    If you break it down per game, Sanchez's 1.5 turnovers-per-contest last year is a significantly higher number than Tebow's 0.9.

    My head hurts.

Tebow Is a Better Leader

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    This is one of those "intangible" statements that will leave Tebow's supporters nodding and his detractors calling me words Tebow would never use.

    However, the simple fact is the New York Jets' locker room was one of the most divided in the NFL in 2011, while the Denver Broncos may have been the most united.

    I have no idea how he does it, but Tebow rallies players around him like few other quarterbacks in the NFL.

    However he does it, his teammates drink the Kool-aid. Even Denver's defense played better once Tebow took over last year.

Tebow's Too Sexy for His Shirt

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    Given Sanchez's apparent affinity for red carpets and actress girlfriends, this one may rankle him most of all.

    However, after Tebow's recent spread in Vogue, he may have Sanchez beat in the preening department, as well.

    Damn you, Tim Tebow!