US Open Tennis 2012: Will It Be a Scot Show All the Way?

Madhusudan G Rao@madhugrContributor IIISeptember 9, 2012

US Open Tennis 2012: Will It Be a Scot Show All the Way?

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    Andy Murray played the role of a fan Saturday night at the U.S. Open, hanging out with fellow Scot Sean Connery.

    After winning his semifinal match against Tomas Berdych, Murray seemed confident about his chances to win his first major.

    His record in Grand Slam finals has mirrored that of his current coach, Ivan Lendl. And if that goes according to script, Murray will get his first US Open title to go with the Olympic gold last month.

    Looking at his performance in the previous rounds, there is little doubt that Murray can beat Novak Djokovic (or is it David Ferrer?) in the final. 

    Let us play back his previous rounds to see how dominant he has been.

Russia's Alex Bogomolov

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    Alex Bogomolov Jr. was the right person for Andy Murray to play in the first round. He's a not-so-tricky opponent who did not trouble Murray much.

    The match statistics speak for themselves: three sets and only seven games lost by Murray.

Croatia's Ivan Dodig

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    Ivan Dodig helped Andy Murray refine his game further in the second round.

    Only six games lost in the three sets against Dodig would have made Ivan Lendl happy.

    Not only that, but Murray reduced his number of unforced errors while increasing his percentage of first serves won.

Spain's Feliciano Lopez

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    It was good for Murray to meet the Spaniard Lopez early on. Being forced to play three tie-breakers honed his serve.

    Similarly, playing four sets helped Murray's fitness. And, as had happened in the second round, Murray's  percentage of successful first serves increased.

Canada's Milos Raonic

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    This match was touted as a battle between established star Murray and the emerging Raonic. 

    And Murray didn't waste any time asserting his dominance, dropping only 10 games en route to the win.

    His unforced errors dropped to a quarter of the previous match against Lopez, while his serve was on point.

Croatia's Marin Cilic

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    Murray faced another Croat in this round, and this time it was the more dangerous Marin Cilic.

    He won in four sets, but neither Murray nor Lendl could have been pleased with his decrease in percentage of first and second serves won.

    It has to be said, though, that the number of points that Murray won on his serve did increase.

    All that matters is that Murray won and made his way to the semifinals.

Czech Tomas Berdych

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    Despite gusty wind, Murray managed to keep his form and temper intact to win his semifinal against Tomas Berdych in four sets.

    That meant that Murray has now managed to get to the finals without playing a five-set match.

    This might be good, but also could be a cause for concern if final stretches to a fifth set.

    Murray managed to keep his concentration despite losing the first set and coping with a fierce wind that sent his cap flying.

    With the finals being played on Monday and Murray enjoying the luxury of a day of rest, he will definitely be the fourth different player to win a Grand Slam title his year (Roger Federer won Wimbledon, Rafa Nadel won the French and Novak Djokovic won the Australian).

    Not to mention, Murray won the Olympics.

    All signs point to the Flushing Meadow crowd seeing another Scot show on Monday!