WWE: Why CM Punk Must Attack Bret Hart on Upcoming Edition of RAW

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistSeptember 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of ThreeManBooth.com
Photo courtesy of ThreeManBooth.com

The WWE has done a very nice job transitioning CM Punk to a heel role over the past few weeks, but I'm not sure he has fully established himself yet. One way to solidify him as the company's unquestioned top heel, however, is to have him attack Bret "Hitman" Hart at RAW in Montreal.

According to Hart himself on Twitter, the WWE asked him to appear this coming Monday and he will happily oblige. It's certainly possible that Vince McMahon only wants Hart there so he can get the hero's welcome, but I get the feeling that something bigger than that is planned.

There is no easier way to get the fans to cheer someone in Canada than to have them team up with Hart and, conversely, there is no easier way to get someone booed than to have them go against Hart in Canada. That is why I feel like Punk needs to do something dastardly to Hart on RAW.

Punk has actually been very Hart-esque in a lot of ways as of late as he has been utilizing pink and black attire, and he has even been embroiled in a feud with Jerry "The King" Lawler, which was the case for Hart as well for quite some time.

There is mutual respect between Punk and Hart as they often tweet complimentary things toward each other, but Monday is the perfect time to change things up. Hart can come to the ring to a roaring ovation and then proceed to address Punk and his recent actions.

Hart would start by saying how much he respects Punk as a great WWE Champion, but he would then talk about how he is losing that respect due to Punk attacking the likes of Lawler, The Rock and John Cena. He would also say that a true champion would never walk away from a match like Punk did against Sheamus last week.

Punk would interrupt him and that alone would garner plenty of boos. The writers should then allow Punk to dress down Hart and badmouth his accomplishments. Punk would then go on his usual tirade about respect and, as he did with Lawler, Punk would challenge Hart to a match.

That match would obviously go on last with Punk winning, and afterward I would like to see him do something like handcuff Hart to the ropes and beat him to a pulp under the direction of Paul Heyman. Cena would come out to make the save, but thanks in part to Heyman getting involved, Punk would get the upper hand and handcuff him to the ropes as well.

The show would end with Cena helplessly watching Punk destroy the WWE Hall of Famer and scream at him about a lack of respect. What Punk has done to Lawler the past few weeks has certainly been effective when it comes to his heel turn, but beating up Hart in Canada would take things to an entirely different level.

Such actions would get Punk nuclear heat in Montreal and he would be probably be booed everywhere he goes in Canada for the foreseeable future. Hart is such a wrestling icon that the heat would stretch to the United States as well, however, so it just seems obvious to me that if Hart is going to be in the building, then Punk needs to go after him.

Transitioning a wrestler from super face to super heel status is never easy, especially in today's world of wrestling when it is considered cool to cheer for the heels. Those same fans that are cheering for heels also respect the WWE legends, though, meaning that attacking them is the best way for Punk to get immediate heel heat.

I feel like the WWE realizes that after having him attack Lawler for three consecutive weeks and it will stick with what works this week by pulling Hart into the picture.


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