WWE: Put The Dudley Boyz with CM Punk and Paul Heyman

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2012

Via accelerator3359.com
Via accelerator3359.com

Perhaps no other wrestlers fit the bill as “Paul Heyman guys” more so than The Dudley Boyz.

Its a conversation that kept coming up during my radio show Tuesday.

Interestingly, their contracts are coming to an end with TNA at the same time Paul Heyman has entered a new onscreen venture with WWE.

Heyman's role with Brock Lesnar kept the possibilities limited.

He actually is Lesnar's representation and confidant in many professional endeavors. Lesnar is a former UFC World Champion; he doesn't need a stable built around him. He also isn't around regularly enough on WWE television to build a group around him.

Being aligned with CM Punk provides several options for Heyman and WWE.

The Dudley Boyz could act as bodyguards for the WWE Champion—they would help garner the "respect" CM Punk deserves.

I can picture The Dudley's in a similar role as Ron and Don Harris played in both WCW and TNA: Recognized as a dominant unit—great role players to provide the muscle.

Devon's success is limited without Bully Ray. Bully Ray's success is limited if he thinks he'll be a top heel in WWE by carrying over the groundwork he had in TNA.

Vince McMahon commits to his ideas—not the ideas that began somewhere else. Perhaps if he was never known as “Bully” in TNA, WWE could have taken credit for creating it to use in their “Don't be a bully, be a STAR” campaign.

TNA was where Bully Ray was developed, so WWE won't push Bully Ray.

Let The Dudley's make an impact returning as role players in what could potentially be the storyline of the year.

Then, once it runs its course, hopefully Triple H and WWE will still be committed to the tag team division for the long term. The duo could offer a veteran presence to help relaunch the division and put over younger teams.

The Dudley Boyz being paired together in WWE is the way it should be.