WWE: Have They Already Given Up on Pushing Jinder Mahal?

Michael Prunka@MichaelPrunkaCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

In August, Wrestlezone quoted an F4Wonline report saying that WWE has confidence in Jinder Mahal as a future top heel.

F4Wonline.com is reporting WWE is high on Jinder Mahal.

The feeling is Mahal could be a major heel for the long-term and this is why the company has him working with Ryback, another name they also want to see succeed.

The report notes that Mahal being pushed as a top heel is a long-term plan. However, the way Mahal has been booked in the past month doesn't make it seem like the WWE has any plans to make him a top star.

In fact, it doesn't seem like the WWE is willing to make him anything more than enhancement talent.

The report indicated that the WWE had Mahal working with Ryback because they see potential in Ryback, too. Ryback and Mahal had a short lived feud that consisted of Ryback being unable to get his hands on Mahal. Now that Ryback has decisively beaten Mahal multiple times in recent weeks, it doesn't seem like that's the plan anymore.

Mahal also led a group of overlooked superstars in confronting Kane during Raw 1,000. Kane and the returning Undertaker made short work of the group—spelling the end for the faction.

The lack of follow-through with the "Punjabi Nightmare" leads me to believe that, while the WWE may see potential in him, they're not willing to put the effort in building him up and pushing him as a top star.

Mahal has been stuck in a rut since his debut feud with the Great Khali concluded. He's working as a top star on the WWE's NXT program so perhaps the WWE has plans of gradually building him up.

Whatever the case, the WWE needs to actually follow through with whatever they do with Mahal. If they can't do that, then there's no chance that Jinder Mahal will ever be a top tier heel.


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