US Open Tennis: Murray Match Moved Up Due to Weather Threatening Rest of Week

Cliff PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 3, 2012

Rain on the first day of 2012 US Open.
Rain on the first day of 2012 US Open.Michael Heiman/Getty Images

The Andy Murray match against Milos Raonic tonight has been moved to 7 PM EDT due to incoming weather. A scheduling change is one thing we have largely avoided so far in most of the 2012 US Open. However, we may see many more changes in the schedule of play as we move toward the weekend.

We may have yet another Monday men's final if the weather moving in to New York tonight is as extensive as it appears.

Moving up the match succeeds in doing two things. It may ensure that the match is not delayed due to rain, which is forecast for later tonight.

It could also remove an edge Murray had if it is true that later night games often favor Europeans over North Americans in the US Open. On the other hand, Murray could still blow Raonic out.

We do not need to be reminded what a mess the incoming weather, mostly caused by the remnants of Hurricane Isaac, can do to this last grand slam of the year. The added stress and rescheduling affects play and rest, and could change the dynamics of many games.

Hopefully, the Open will not be too affected this week. But glancing at the radar will tell you that this could be worse than most Opens in recent memory.

Enjoy what could be one of the last good matches within a normal schedule tonight.