Andy Roddick Retires: 5 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Leave Tennis

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIISeptember 1, 2012

Andy Roddick Retires: 5 Reasons Now Is the Perfect Time to Leave Tennis

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    It is official—Andy Roddick is retiring from the sport after he exits the 2012 US Open draw.

    An icon for American tennis and juniors all over the world, Roddick has changed the way we view the sport.

    His big serve and forehand (which has deserted him in the past half a decade) paved the way for future players and modern tennis as a whole.

    Players such as Milos Raonic and John Isner feed off this idea of power tennis, and his compatriots—like Mardy Fish and Ryan Harrison—have supported what he has done as far as putting the country on the map.

    He hasn't been doing that well as of late, but is still not a bad player by any means.

    Here are five reasons why this tournament is a great place to end an illustrious career.

He Is Coming Fresh off of Two Tournament Wins

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    He won his 31st and 32nd titles at the 2012 AEGON International and BB&T Atlanta Open, respectively.

    Andy had gone a while without winning too many matches, let alone tournaments.

    The fact that he has won a couple of events without being fresh may prove to be a non-duplicated thought for the future. 

A-Rod's Diminished Capabilities

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    There is no doubt that Andy has gotten worse over the past few years.

    His serve has slowed down (though he has added some variety to his spot-serving), he is not playing aggressively anymore and the overall hunger to win just is not there.

    He could continue to keep his streak alive of winning at least one tournament a year but clearly he wants to win bigger things and cannot do so.

    By going out with a bang at the US Open he will be remembered for his accomplishments in American tennis, not for what he wasn't able to achieve as an athlete.

Brooklyn Decker

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    He clearly wouldn't mind spending more time with his trophy wife, Brooklyn Decker.

    He has pretty much earned as much money as he can at this point and Decker can sustain the cash inflow when he finally takes a break from the game.

    If Roddick goes into a career in radio, you can bet he will talk about her all the time.

He Is on a Two-Match Win Streak Against Roger Federer

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    One of the many things A-Rod is known for is his horrendous record against Roger Federer.

    Understandably, he has lost many a time to the Swiss Maestro over his lengthy career.

    He won a tough battle against Roger early on in both of their tennis lives and only had success against him in Miami after that sole win.

    By two wins, I am referring to his exhibition straight-set win at Madison Square Garden (which does not officially count) and the three-set victory at the Sony Ericsson Open.

    It is nice for him to end his biggest rivalry with two massive statements over the one guy who has truly owned him and prevented him from taking more titles.

It's at His Tournament

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    Though he has only won this event once, it has been the only Major where he has broken through.

    He broke through into the limelight by winning big as a kid, and his first Major win jump-started his career as a champion.

    The American crowd has always backed him in Flushing Meadows and it has truly been a wonderful and successful ride for him.

    The names "Arthur Ashe" and "Andy Roddick" go well together.

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