Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal: Where Does Each Stand?

Dann KhanAnalyst IFebruary 26, 2009

After steady resistance from my inner voice which kept telling me all the time that I was just a cricket writer, I finally decided to ignore it all and make a start in tennis writing.

I must give due credit to a fellow cricket writer Vishrut Aggarwal, who recently made a start in tennis.

Currently the two most talked about players in men's tennis are Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Since I am not a crazy fan of tennis, I do not have any particular liking for either one of them.

Though yes, I would always root for Nadal to win as he is defeating the old king Federer and bringing a new regime.

But, I have no doubts that Federer is still the better player. For the simple reasons given below:

1) Federer has got style and class which Nadal can never have.

2) Federer is a much more mature player than Nadal, not only because he older but also because it is in his personality. I don't think Nadal will be anywhere near Fedex's maturity levels when he reaches the world No. 2's current age.

3) But over and above everything else I think it is because Rafael Nadal's game is base on his muscle power and exceptional fitness levels. He has only been able to beat Federer when he is able to run around the court, dodge Federer, and then counter attack. Most players get tired of the running around they have to do with Fedu.

Therefore, once Nadal cannot maintain these levels of fitness he will probably crash.

This is not to say Federer is not very fit, but it is just that his game is based more on playing calmly than going around the field and attacking with muscle. His attack is more subtle and dangerous.

But over and above Mr. Nadal has to be granted the the post of the current best player in the world. Though Federer will always remain a long term prospect rather than the short stint No. 1.