Manchester United Transfer News: Winners and Losers from United-RVP Deal

Dan TalintyreSenior Analyst IIAugust 15, 2012

Manchester United Transfer News: Winners and Losers from United-RVP Deal

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    Robin van Persie's move to Manchester United, as reported by the BBC, over the summer transfer window is the hottest talking point in world football at the moment.

    Ever since the star striker and captain sensationally decided not to renew his contract at the club when it expires at the end of the year, his transfer and departure from the Emirates has captured the attention of every football follower.

    Van Persie's move to United has massive ramifications felt right across the Premier League. Players, managers, clubs and fans are all be affected by the deal—meaning that there are bound to big some big winners and some even bigger losers from it all.

    Read on to see who the winners and losers of Robin van Persie's transfer to Manchester United are.

Winner: Arsenal

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    It's hard not to see Arsenal emerging as a winner from the situation.

    They've got a striker who didn't want to be at the club and was most likely going to leave next year, and they've got a significant amount of cash for an injury-prone 29-year-old.

    Their attack still has plenty of options with the likes of Cazorla, Giroud and Podolski so the loss of RVP won't hurt as much. We can still expect the Gunners to be a genuine title threat this season throughout England and Europe.

Loser: Arsenal

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    Having said that, Arsenal must also be considered losers from RVP's transfer to Old Trafford, for they failed to keep their best player and captain at the club.

    They haven't learned from the Cesc Fabregas debacle last year and have found themselves left wanting in contract negotiations with players that they really should be hanging on to.

    The race for a top-four spot is going to be so close this season—meaning that having one less star striker at the club will make a difference. As I said before, they do have the likes of Cazorla and Podolski, but not having RVP could turn out to be the difference between fourth and fifth this year.

Winner: Olivier Giroud

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    Olivier Giroud is the biggest winner of Robin van Persie's transfer deal. He will assume the striker's role furthest up the pitch and will most likely start nearly every competitive match this year—something he would not have done if van Persie was still at the club.

    The former Montpellier striker is a strong aerial target, good with both feet and will relish the opportunity at the top of the attack this season for the Gunners. He will now benefit, not suffer, from Santi Cazorla's arrival and could have a big year for the London club.

Loser: Javier Hernandez

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    On the other side of the coin then is Javier Hernandez—arguably the biggest loser from Manchester Untied's deal with Robin van Persie.

    Hernandez struggled for first-team appearances last season—slipping behind Danny Welbeck in the pecking order at Old Trafford as the England international impressed greatly throughout the year.

    And given that Welbeck just signed a new five-year contract with United, it seems that order looks set to stay for this season—meaning that with RVP at he club, he would now be the fourth-string striker and unlikely to see any significant playing time throughout the year.

Winner: Antonio Valencia

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    As good as Danny Welbeck might be, he is no Robin van Persie. He is not as strong in the air and he simply isn't as dominant inside the box as RVP is.

    Now that the Dutchman will be making his way to Old Trafford, United's wingers will have a field day in attack with two of the most clinical finishers in world football waiting at the other end of their crosses and through balls.

    Antonio Valencia—who won United's Player of the Year last season—combined beautifully with Wayne Rooney in attack and is likely to form a similar relationship with van Persie. That can only mean good things for United and for the winger this season.

Loser: Arsene Wenger

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    This is a tough one for me, because Arsene Wenger stands to lose with some Arsenal fans regardless of what happens with RVP.

    I'm going with the opinion that he's a bigger loser following the move, simply for the talk that it will generate about Fabregas, Patrick Vieira and Wenger's inability to keep his best players at the club. At the end of the day, RVP leaving is a loss.

    Football fans around turned on him when the Dutchman announced he would not be re-signing with the club and they are likely to do so again now that a deal has been made. Ultimately they will forget about it—In Arsene We Trust and all that—but in the short term, he must be considered a loser.

Winner: Everton

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    Simply put, there is little chance that RVP will start for the Red Devils in their season opener against Everton on Monday. Effective transition this late in the summer transfer window takes time.

    Which means Everton—and I'd also argue Fulham and Southampton here—have a serious advantage over the rest of the competition in that they only have to play a United roster with van Persie once in the Premier League season and not twice.

    It might not seem like much, but that could be the difference between a Europa spot and not for Everton, or the difference between relegation and survival for Southampton.

Loser: Manchester City

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    Not only have Manchester City have missed out on acquiring van Persie themselves, they're now forced to watch him to go their fiercest rivals and main danger in this year's English Premier League.

    Manager Roberto Mancini expressed earlier in the month (per ESPN) that he was frustrated at the lack of intent shown by the club in signing van Persie, so imagine how he has to feel having to watch the 29-year-old waltz into Old Trafford instead of the Etihad.

    Now imagine how he'd feel if United won the league title on the final day over Manchester City, and that's why the Citizens have to be considered a loser in any RVP-United deal.

Winner: Arsenal Fans

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    The final winner from a United switch by van Persie are Arsenal fans—plenty of whom are very disgruntled at the fact that their star striker decided to snub the Gunners by not signing a new contract.

    And whilst that obviously isn't the belief held by every Arsenal fan, it is the position held by many—reflected in their reported booing of van Persie when he came on as a substitute in the club's recent preseason friendly in Cologne (per The Sun).

    Now that he is leaving, the fans would no doubt be happier—something that can only be good for team morale and support.

Loser: Manchester United's Defense

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    One final implication from Robin van Persie's transfer is for Manchester United's defense, which would surely be considered a loser from this deal.

    The Red Devils defense suffered last season and whilst captain Nemanja Vidic does return, it isn't going to fix every problem defensively—especially not when they have Wayne Rooney, Robin van Persie, Danny Welbeck, Shinji Kagawa, Michael Carrick, Paul Scholes, Tom Cleverley, Nani, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia all vying for a starting position.

    Whatever midfield/attack formation United use, it will neglect the defensive element to some extent given the attacking talent they have at their disposal.


    What can you see as the ramifications from a Robin van Persie deal to United?

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