6 Reasons Buster Posey Is S.F. Giants' Most Important Player Down the Stretch

Ally Williams@@itsallyduhhCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2012

6 Reasons Buster Posey Is S.F. Giants' Most Important Player Down the Stretch

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    The San Francisco Giants are in a three team race for the NL West Crown and Buster Posey has a lot to do with why they’re hanging onto first place.

    While it’s tough to argue one player is the reason why a team wins or loses, Posey’s presence on the field is unavoidable. His success over the rest of the season will have a lot to do with that of his team.

    Whether it’s his offense, defense or simply the feeling he brings when he’s in the lineup, Posey has made his mark in San Francisco.


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    When Buster Posey is behind the plate, there’s a different feeling on the field.

    He has only given up one passed ball all season and while his caught-stealing percentage is not too high at .268, it could also have a bit to do with the fact that Giants pitchers don’t always hold the runner that well.

    Regardless, Posey calls a great game for a solid pitching staff in San Francisco.

First Base

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    The San Francisco Giants have several options at first base, but Posey’s ability to field there is a big help when he’s taking a day off from behind the plate.

    The Giants need Posey’s bat in the lineup as much as possible and first base provides a way for that to happen.


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    Buster Posey provides a bat in the lineup that the San Francisco Giants desperately need. With the exception of their most recent road trip, the Giants have had issues offensively.

    Posey has been a bright spot in their offense; since the All-Star Break he’s lead the majors in average and RBI. He’s currently on a 13-game hitting streak with home runs in five consecutive games during this time.


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    The 13-game hit streak shows how consistently good Buster Posey has been for the San Francisco Giants. While many players get hot or streaky, Posey continues to get on base, score runs and get things moving.

    Defensively, Posey stays constant in blocking balls and calling good pitches.

    He plays with confidence, which shows in his bat and every time he calls games behind the plate.

Clubhouse Presence

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    The San Francisco Giants have shown that clubhouse chemistry is a big part of a successful team, and Buster Posey has been a big part of that. He is a youthful, hard-working presence in the clubhouse.

    His attitude blends with the rest of the Giants to create a cohesive group, yet stands out at the same time when you see the confidence he has in himself and his team.


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    If the San Francisco Giants were to have an official captain, it would be hard to argue anyone else but Buster Posey would fit the job description.

    We first saw Posey's leadership abilities when he was a rookie in 2010. When he was out last season, it was incredibly noticeable.

    Posey works hard, calls a great game and creates a major offensive threat at the plate. The Giants would not be where they are without Posey’s presence on the field and in the clubhouse.