6 Obscure Places the Los Angeles Kings Should Take Lord Stanley's Cup

Evan Budrovich@@evanbudCorrespondent IOctober 6, 2016

6 Obscure Places the Los Angeles Kings Should Take Lord Stanley's Cup

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    One week later and the Los Angeles Kings have already been spotted at Dodgers Stadium and in Las Vegas with Lord Stanley's Cup. What will be next on the year long process that comes with protecting and transporting such an iconic trophy?

    Beginning in 1995 the Stanley Cup was given a new tradition of traveling for one day with each of the players on the winning team. Ever since then, the Stanley Cup has traveled to almost every place imaginable and has cemented its rock star status.  

    Players in the past have been known to take the Cup to some remote locations and even sleep with it when requested, so expect nothing short of madness this season. Winning a championship is terrific, but being able to masquerade around town with Lord Stanley’s Cup adds even more excitement and drama to the 2012 NHL offseason. 

    Here are six obscure places where the Los Angeles Kings should take Lord Stanley’s Cup this offseason, culminating the year of hard work and dedication.  

Slovenia Here We Come

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    Slovenians were jumping for joy this postseason watching their hero Anze Kopitar. Being the only Slovenian in the NHL made winning the 2012 Stanley Cup extra special for Slovenian hockey fans. These fans stayed up to the bright hours of the morning watching their star Kopitar and now have reason to celebrate.  

    Anze Kopitar should take the Stanley Cup back to his home country and cement the years of hard work and patience he and his fellow Slovenians have endured waiting for Lord Stanley's Cup.  

A Nice Holder for Bait in Port McNeill

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    Willie Mitchell plays a style of hockey that makes hockey purists smile. If ever there were a man deserving of the Stanley Cup it would be Willie Mitchell and now the hockey gods have rewarded Mitchell with the ultimate prize, Lord Stanley's Cup.  

    Port McNeill is the summer home of Mitchell and will be a prime destination this summer for Lord Stanley's Cup. Expect Mitchell to use Lord Stanley's Cup as a very valuable and heavy bait holder on a boat in Port McNeill. After 14 long seasons in the NHL, Willie Mitchell can finally celebrate with the Stanley Cup in the way he knows best, fishing in his hometown.  

Party at an Irish Pub

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    For a run this improbable you gotta have a little luck of the Irish.

    Hockey is not a mainstream sport in Ireland but the Kings' 16-4 run to the Stanley Cup would make any Irishman proud. The Kings shocked not only the NHL but their own fanbase this postseason becoming the first No. 8 seed ever in modern seeding history to win the Cup. The Kings defeated the one, two and three seeds in the West and took a 3-0 lead in every series of the postseason.

    What a better way to celebrate this magical run that party it up at a traditional Irish pub. All I can say is that a tribute to the luck of the Irish would be fitting for such a great story of the 2012 Los Angeles Kings. 

Take a Sip from Salt Lake

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    Fourth-liner Trevor Lewis played a pivotal role in the Kings success this postseason and will take the Cup to somewhere special in his heart.  

    Salt Lake City would be the destination and expect Lewis to bask in the glory of Cup by taking a nice big gulp of the Lake through the Cup. Many players have used the cup as a serving dish and expect Lewis to do the same this offseason. 

    Why not celebrate in style and take a drink with the greatest title in sports, Lord Stanley's Cup from the most famous Salt Lake in the world.   

Darryl Sutter's Ranch

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    If you were looking for the winning coach of the 2012 Stanley Cup in October you would have found Darryl Sutter at his ranch in Alberta, Canada. Sutter lives a very simple home life at his cattle ranch and applied that same approach with the Los Angeles Kings.

    Sutter was never quick to over react and remained patient and confident throughout the difficult regular season and exciting playoff season. What made Sutter's team great was their newly implemented defensive approach that stressed attacking the puck and making life miserable for opposing scorers. 

    The addition of Sutter midway through the season changed the tide for the previously under-performing Kings leading them to their first Stanley Cup. Now coach Sutter deserves a chance to sit in Alberta and return to his cattle, this time with Lord Stanley's Cup.  

405 Freeway

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    What is the most synonymous place in Los Angeles not named Hollywood or Venice Beach? The 405 Freeway. Stuck in traffic and full of famous destinations and pit stops, the 405 Freeway is a lifestyle choice for millions who trek to work every morning.  

    The best way for the Stanley Cup to be celebrated is by being placed in the Mecca of travel and stress in Los Angeles. People of all ages, social classes and races ride this freeway and would love to see their Kings ride on the freeway parading the Stanley Cup around the greater Los Angeles area. 

    Maybe drivers on the 405 Freeway will loosen up from their horns and instead enjoy the return to title town by singing a tune of cheers for the Stanley Cup Champions.