I'm Disappointed, Omar Minaya, Very Disappointed!

Matt RendoContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

As the 2008 season drew to a close I was devastated.  My hopes were high, and to repeat 2007 made me question my faith in the team and its leadership.  I decided that I would wait and see what they did this off-season before I put Omar on the "hot seat."

What has he done so far?

Aside from signing K-Rod and trading for Putz, not a whole lot.  He did resign Ollie, but there were better options out there and I feel he settled for Perez.  He has done nothing to IMPROVE the rotation or the lineup. 

The bullpen has new arms, but that doesn't mean that the bullpen will be better.  Sure, K-Rod is going to give us what Wagner did, but are we going to get '07 or '08 Putz? 

Anything less then his '06-'07 numbers and he is not much better than what we had.  I have high hopes that he will be healthy and return to form but wouldn't it be smart to sign someone (Will Ohman, Joe Biemel, Juan Cruz) that could fill those shoes if he isn't 100%? 

I am happy with the rotation simply because I believe that Omar is short on money.  However, I do think that he can come up with enough money to add one more quality arm to the pen and someone to patrol left field. 

There are a number of options out there that I think will outperform the Tatis/Murphy duo.  I would love to see the team sign Adam Dunn.  He could play LF this year and move to first base next year assuming they sign him to a two year contract. 

He may strike out a lot, but he also gets on base a lot, and would be a great #5-6 hitter.  While his defense is suspect, is he much worse then Tatis/Murphy?

Would I be asking too much if I asked Omar to sign one of Ohman/Biemel/Cruz (prefer lefties Ohman and Biemel) and Dunn?  Another arm would solidify a potentially great bullpen and Dunn's bat would make the Mets lineup one to fear, not mock.

Even if Biemel/Cruz got a 20 percent raise they would only cost 2.4MM/yr.  That seems to be fair .  Assuming Dunn would accept a 2-year/13MM deal, that is no more than 8.9 million for next year.

Not a lot to ask the Wilpons for if it means fielding a much more competitive team.  Both of those numbers are estimates, therefore it could potentially be less than 8.9MM.  Then again, maybe they really don't have the money to spend.