Guys, Roger Federer Is a Human After All

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent IFebruary 2, 2009

Last evening what we witnessed at the Rod Laver arena was something very extraordinary, something which will remain etched in the hearts of many tennis fans. It was the clash of the greatest player of all time and the greatest player of the moment. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Both played awesome tennis, the tennis only these could have played. Federer as usual was pushing Nadal to the corners and Nadal was simply not giving up. Both played some breath taking winners past the opponent, both played like true champions, both deserved the trophy, but there had to be only one winner.

After the fourth set it looked like FED was the man who would be called last on to the stage.He served solidly and broke Nadal with ease. But what followed was exactly the opposite. Nadal was supposed to be the man who was tired, but he was running through the fifth set. Nadal won the fifth set and with it the title.... Did I say Nadal won??? I was kidding.....federer lost the match, therefore Nadal won.

Federer made mistakes that a human was expected to make. He double faulted twice in the last set. He sprayed his forehand. His backhand often found the net. He screamed at the umpire when the umpire called right. Guys Federer is a human. And humans do make mistakes.

But what was the most touching scene was what happened at the presentation ceremony. Federer cried. Not because he lost to the indefatigable Nadal (fed knew Nadal played better). Not because he missed out on Pete's record. He cried because of the support he received and the love people had for him. He cried because he couldn't stand up to the expectations of the millions of fans who loved him and wanted him to win. He cried because they still loved him even after his loss. And they still want him to win.

Federer will surely come back with more determination when he faces Nadal the next time. Yes he will struggle to beat Nadal. But it's not impossible. It's not in the nature of humans to give up and surrender.

Guys, ROGER FEDERER is a human after all.