French Open 2012: Predicting the Top 25 Seeds in the Men's Draw

Kevin Pacelli@kjp0205Correspondent IMay 2, 2012

French Open 2012: Predicting the Top 25 Seeds in the Men's Draw

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    The 2012 French Open is quickly approaching, and fans and analysts are beginning to preview and predict this year's Roland Garros campaign.

    Although it's tempting to search the current rankings to find the Top 25 seeds, it is much too early to say they are set.

    With the Masters events in Madrid and Rome still to come before the French Open, changes in the rankings are certainly possible. Some players will be fighting to hold on to their spots, while others will be looking to rise before entering the second Slam of 2012.

    Although the top of the rankings should remain the same between now and then, there will likely be some fluctuations a little bit farther down. Here's a prediction for the Top 25 seeds in the men's draw of the French Open.

1. Novak Djokovic

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 1

    This won't be changing anytime soon.

2. Rafael Nadal

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 2

    The Spanish legend is still hunting for the No. 1 spot of his Serbian superior.

3. Roger Federer

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 3

    Unfortunately for fans of the Swiss Maestro, he isn't quite ready to take the No. 2 spot.

    However, the difference between the second and third seed doesn't mean much; we can expect them to meet in the semis.

4. Andy Murray

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 4

    Could this be his last Grand Slam in this position? We'll have to wait and see if he can take Federer's No. 3 spot anytime soon.

5. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 5

    As the top seed outside the Big Four, the French crowd will love rooting for their beloved countryman.

6. David Ferrer

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 6

    Ordinarily, I would say it's entirely possible for a 30-year-old player to drop some spots at any given time. With the way this veteran has been playing, though, I don't see that happening.

7. Tomas Berdych

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 7

    The Czech's lead of more than 1,000 points should be secure—at least for the month of May.

8. John Isner

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 10

    With the way this big-serving American has been playing in recent events, don't be surprised if he takes advantage of the Madrid and/or Rome campaign to rise a few spots before Roland Garros.

9. Janko Tipsarevic

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 8

    Although I do think he will lose his current spot to Isner, he shouldn't drop anymore than that.

10. Mardy Fish

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 9

    At 30 years old, this one-spot drop may very well result in a downward spiral for the current top-ranked American.

11. Juan Martin Del Potro

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 12

    DelPo is currently only 30 points behind Gilles Simon in the rankings, and he will be gaining points with a quarterfinal appearance in either Madrid or Rome.

12. Gilles Simon

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 11

    Besides this minor drop, the Frenchman shouldn't suffer much point-wise between now and Roland Garros.

13. Nicolas Almagro

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 13

    Almagro should be safe in the No. 13 spot, but I don't see him rising past any of his current superiors in the near future.

14. Juan Monaco

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 15

    Trailing Gael Monfils by only 70 points, Monaco should be able to take over as No. 14.

15. Gael Monfils

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    Current ATP Ranking: No 14

    What started as a good year for the showman (with his victory over Nadal in the Doha semifinals) hasn't resulted in much, and I don't expect that to change soon. A slight fall can be expected.

16. Feliciano Lopez

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 16

    The prospect of change isn't too strong for the 30-year-old Spaniard in the upcoming month.

17. Milos Raonic

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 23

    This should be the most dramatic change prior to the French Open. The young Canadian is playing well and improving right before our eyes, and I expect strong showings in Madrid and Rome.

18. Kei Nishikori

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 17

    Based on his excellent performance in this year's Australian Open, Nishikori will not be any weaker with the anticipation of the next Slam. I don't expect any kind of drop for him. 

19. Alexandr Dolgopolov

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 20

    Although he is currently behind Fernando Verdasco and Florian Mayer, the deficit is not large, and this 23-year-old Ukrainian still shows a lot of potential.

20. Richard Gasquet

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 18

    Gasquet gives no signs of letting up immediately before the Slam of his home country. He will likely fall below Dolgopolov, but no lower than that.

21. Fernando Verdasco

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    Current ATP Ranking: No.19

    Given his first-round dismissal from the Australian Open and the fact that he is too old to be considered a potential star, it doesn't seem as though Verdasco will have any kind of breakout in the future.

22. Stanislas Wawrinka

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 22

    The Swiss 27-year-old has been playing pretty well in the first few months of 2012 (with wins over Nicolas Almagro and Kei Nishikori) and should stay secure leading up to the French Open.

23. Marin Cilic

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 24

    The young Croatian may rise one spot from his current position, if Florian Mayer's poor play keeps up.

24. Florian Mayer

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    Current ATP Ranking: No. 21

    The German has a disappointing record of 4-10 so far this season, and although he probably will stay in the Top 25, he may very well slip a bit.

25. Andy Roddick

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    Personally, I am not of the belief that Roddick will have any last spurts of greatness before retirement.

    However, his terrible performances in Rome and Madrid last season leave room for some point gain this year, and he may just barely enter the Top 25 in time for Roland Garros.