Taboo Topics in Professional Wrestling

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistApril 20, 2012

Taboo Topics in Professional Wrestling

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    The world of professional wrestling is its own world. It has its customs, traditions, heroes, villains and taboo topics.

    Yes, taboo topics in a genre that is built on surprise, secrecy, trust and respect. Some people might think about the mysteries of how some things in professional wrestling are executed. In a way, it is taboo and part of the secrecy to not reveal the tricks of the trades from blood, or The Undertaker's countless super-natural displays—but I'm looking at what comes out of the pro-wrestling genre and spills into real life.

    After all, in this day and age, the landscape of how a majority of the audience views and learns about things in wrestling has changed. Twitter and the general nature of "behind the scenes" has allowed the audience to see or know about the people outside of what the script calls for on a Monday night.

    So in true fashion of my job, let's talk about what we're not supposed to talk about and have some fun!

Macho Man and the WWE Hall of Fame

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    Arguably the most accomplished and recognized professional wrestler not yet inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame.


    The famous tales are out there with the leading juicy one being an alleged sexual encounter between Macho Man Randy Savage and a young Stephanie McMahon. I always get asked about my thoughts on this rumor and I don't ever have much of an answer because, what can you say? I have no basis to comment on if this ever happened. I am as interested in how this story first made its rounds online as I am the whole topic of Macho Man not in the Hall of Fame.

    Beyond rumored affairs, Macho Man seems to be a taboo issue for Vince McMahon. Not until the sudden tragic death last year did we get hardly any mention of him on WWE since his 1994 departure. A rumor that has much more stock and probably has levels of credibility above being classified as a rumor is that of the mention of Macho Man Randy Savage in the past prior to his death, it was always shot down and quickly dismissed in WWE creative meetings.

    Until ever acknowledged by Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon or anyone else in the know over the last two decades in WWE, the mystery will remain as to why Macho Man Randy Savage is such a taboo topic to the McMahons.

Lack of Black Champions in WWE History

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    Yes, this is another topic I get tweeted or brought up at least three times a month. I know Michael Hayes has had his diarrhea of the mouth moments, most publicized regarding Mark Henry several years ago, but I refuse to accept that WWE creative is allowing race to play in to whether a guy is going to win a title or not.

    Talent is talent, but I still expect to get these tweets. At the current time of this writing, I've already gotten my three tweets for the month of April so please, don't raise the quota.

Vince McMahon's Personal Life

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    Extremely rich man in better shape than many men half his age, he is the ultimate alpha male. McMahon has never been shy about having his share of television storylines involving kissing and more with WWE divas.

    What about his personal life?

    He is of course married to Linda McMahon, but not without rumors and stories inside the business on what kind of personal life the WWE Chairman lives. I've read and heard comments from countless fans all over the Internet chats over the years with their thoughts, all of whom have never spoken a word to the boss.

    I've been a fly on the wall to those who have worked for the man, and they have expressed what they think or have heard about the luxurious personal life of Vince McMahon and the type of relationship he and his wife have.

    More rumors and speculation, a must when dealing with taboo topics. One thing is for sure, he is still Vince McMahon and we're not.

Vickie Guerrero in WWE

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    She is a terrific heel. Those who I have spoken with who have worked with her say she is a sweetheart. It still doesn't take away that there is a taboo conversation, amongst fans at least, of her being in the WWE only because of the passing of her husband Eddie Guerrero.

    I think the fact WWE seems to have given her a lifetime contract to be a part of the WWE family is great. The taboo conversations also stem from her on-screen romantic relationships with male wrestlers as well as curiosity on possible real-life relationships.

    Again, never quite grasped this because it's not uncommon for someone to have relationships after a spouse passes.

    I suppose the dynamic that her husband was a public figure, who suddenly passed, then she gets thrust into the public eye to make her living as an annoying cougar character is a little different from the mom down the street dating the guy at the supermarket after her husband dies.

Chris Benoit

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    Unlike Macho Man, no confusion here as to why this name doesn't get spoken or his face isn't shown on WWE programming. A horrific incident that is the blackest of marks on professional wrestling.

    I understand the game plan of distancing yourself as far as possible from this horrific incident. I do think, however, there is a high-attended group in the world of pro wrestling that feels differently. I've always believed and sensed those who feel they knew the Benoit family so well want to be able to still talk about the positive memories and interactions they had. As if the man who did what he did on that weekend in June 2007 isn't the same man who was a part of their special fraternity.