Floyd Mayweather To Be Featured in MYMAG Magazine, Launch Shoe Design Contest

Mick Akers@@mickakersAnalyst IApril 20, 2012

Courtesy of Floyd Mayweather's Instagram
Courtesy of Floyd Mayweather's Instagram

Floyd Mayweather is set to add another signature item to his collection. MYMAG is set to feature Money May in the magazine's upcoming issue, accompanied by a fan contest to design the pound-for-pound great's shoe pattern.

MYMAG is geared towards giving readers a more in-depth look at celebrities than they are used to from other magazines' traditional interviews. It will feature Mayweather's friendship with rapper 50 Cent and go inside an exclusive photoshoot among other events.

In addition to the photos and interview with Mayweather, the issue will also feature hand-picked content chosen by Money May himself.

Mayweather joins music mogul Diddy, actress Olivia Munn, DJ Steve Akoi, mind and body healer Deepak Chopra and others as one of the mag's featured celebrities. However, Money May is of course doing it bigger than the rest. His issue is a limited edition copy, limited to 2,500 copies worldwide.

Getting his fans into the mix, Mayweather is inviting aspiring designers to create a shoe pattern that Mayweather himself will wear once the winner is chosen.

The prizes for the winner and runners-up range from a $3,000 grand prize to life-time subscriptions, promotion via the MYMAG Facebook page and autographed copies of the magazine.

The issue will debut on May 1,  just days before Mayweather's May 5 bout with Miguel Cotto. This gives fans a chance to delve into the mind of one of sport's most controversial figures before his next big showdown.

Money May choosing to branch out and add magazine curator to his list of titles just feeds into two of the three things he does best: making money and feeding his ego at the same time. This gives his fans more reason to love him and his haters more reason to despise the five-division champ.