Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule: 3 Must-Watch Chicago Bears Games

Patrick BouskyCorrespondent IIIApril 18, 2012

Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule: 3 Must-Watch Chicago Bears Games

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    With the long-awaited Chicago Bears 2012 NFL schedule released, fans and experts can begin to look forward to certain games that are sure to entertain.

    It's going to be an entertaining season. Throughout the NFL, in fact, there's plenty of must-watch contests this season.

    Peyton Manning plays his first game as a Bronco, facing off with the team Tim Tebow knocked out of the first round of the playoffs—the Pittsburgh Steelers.  

    Tom Brady and the Patriots travel to Baltimore in a Week 3 AFC championship rematch against the Ravens. In case you don't remember, the Ravens lost the championship game on a missed field goal in the final seconds.  

    Do you think Ray Lewis might still be a little bitter about that?

    Despite all of these exciting match-ups, let's face it—as Chicago fans, the odds we miss a Bears contest in favor of another game are about as good as Rex Grossman suiting up with a C on his helmet again.

    So with that, let's take a look at three games Chicago fans must tune into come opening kick off.

Week 2: Chicago at Green Bay

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    The Bears travel to Lambeau field in Week 2 for a Thursday night match-up with the Packers.

    Besides being a match-up between two of the most celebrated franchises in NFL history, Week 2 looks to be exciting—particularly for Bears fans.

    In a game that is sure to be watched by the entire NFL nation, the Bears will find out just how much they have improved since Week 10 of the 2011 season.  

    Before Jay Cutler and Matt Forte were lost to injury last season, the Bears were the hot team in the NFL, and there was talk that the Bears were the most likely team to hand the Packers their first loss. And with the Jay Cutler-led offense performing at a high level, the Bears were considered serious playoff contenders.

    Since then, the Bears have made marked improvements on the offensive side of the ball, most notably adding Pro-Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall.

    In Week 2, us Bears fans will be able to gauge just how good we can expect to be during the season.

    Broadcast Information:  Thursday, September 13, 8:20PM ET, NFL Network.

Week 7: Detroit at Chicago

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    As a Bears fan, heck, as a football fan, I can guarantee everyone remembers the rumble that happened at Soldier Field last season after Matthew Stafford threw DJ Moore to the ground while blocking during an interception return.  

    The move led to a near clearing of both benches and the ejection of DJ Moore from the game.

    Since the arrival of Suh, the Lions and Bears match up has pretty much been a very physical game to watch.  

    It's all the more exciting, considering the last time they played. The Bears trounced the Lions 37-13, after picking off Stafford four times.

    You can bet the Lions will come to Soldier Field looking to exact a bit of revenge in a division game that is sure to matter down the stretch.

    Broadcast Information:  Monday, October 22nd, 8:30PM ET, ESPN.

Week 11: Chicago at San Francisco

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    If you're like me, you've done everything but seek medical opinions to try and rid your memory of the last Bears-49ers game.

    But for fun, let's refresh.

    In Week 9 of the 2009 season, Jay Cutler and the Bears traveled to Candlestick Park in San Francisco to play the 49ers in a contest that proved to be less than thrilling.  

    Despite gaining nearly twice as many offensive yards than the 49ers (Chicago — 350, San Francisco — 216), the Bears scored on only two Robbie Gould field goals. During the game, Jay Cutler seemingly gave the ball away by throwing five interceptions throughout the game, and if I remember correctly, one came on the goal line.

    So for the Bears and especially Jay Cutler, this match-up will be a rematch against a Super Bowl contender that will also give a great gauge of where we are at as a team.

    Broadcast Information:  Monday, November 19th, 8:30PM ET, ESPN.