Power Ranking the 5 Sorest Losers of Tennis

Jeff Cohn@jeff_cohnCorrespondent IIIApril 2, 2012

Power Ranking the 5 Sorest Losers of Tennis

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    Tennis is a very enjoyable sport and sportsmanship is highly encouraged through day-to-day activities dealing with the professional players.

    However, some people still feel the need to express their concerns on how poorly they personally played or how fortunate their opponents may have been in a given match.

    People downplay their opponent's performance and blame anything from personal injuries to chair umpires.

    Here are the top five sorest losers who brought disrespect in tennis to new levels.

Dishonorable Mention: John McEnroe

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    The tantrums and behavior that this great displayed were indescribable and mostly uncalled for.

    He does a much better job appreciating the opponent in his current job as a tennis commentator, although it is far too late for him to fix his wrongdoings on the court and in the infamous spotlight.

5. Serena Williams

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    Serena has had problems with line calls, chair umpires and the like, although she is usually very gracious in acknowledging of her opponent's outstanding performances.

    Every now and then, though, it is not unusual to see her put her opponents down, as was the case in her match against Caroline Wozniacki at the 2012 Sony Ericsson Open. She said:

    "The good thing is I could've played a lot better...I probably played about 20 percent. You know, it would really suck if I had to sit here and say I couldn't do any better. That's not the case. I just made a tremendous amount of errors. There's no reason for that. I'm older and I shouldn't do that. There's no excuse. I just gotta stop that. It's silly."

    Wozniacki earned her first win over Serena and was still denied an accolade or compliment from the legend.

4. Martina Hingis

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    There is no question that the Swiss Miss was a mastermind in tennis, but she was very hard on herself and her opponents after disappointing losses.

    Perhaps one of the most famous disputes involving her is this one, where she refused to accept that the line call was correct.

3. Andy Roddick

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    Andy is typically a good sport when he is outplayed, but sometimes he gets very angry and feels the need to point out certain parts of a match that could have been turning points in his mind.

    He sometimes has injuries that he talks about while he downplays other players' health concerns.

    He also is very unsportsmanlike to interviewers and reporters. Perhaps he could recognize that the journalists are not actually his on-court opponents, though he likes to think of them as off-court ones.

2. Bernard Tomic

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    Bernie is undeniably a great talent and a pleasure to watch. However, he has been known to give up during matches and to not give his opponents too much credit for his bad losses.

    His game can get into people's heads just as his attitude can, such as in the case of the Australian Open, wherein he faced Alexandr Dolgopolov in an epic five-set match and this occurred.

    The event may have affected the outcome but he did not seem to think that was the case and promptly moved past it.

    He sometimes blames sickness or injury in order to not have to participate in a tournament or event.

    Tomic will be a top player in the near future, but he should look to improve his on- and off-court behavior.

1. Venus Williams

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    Venus is not usually one to give her opponents credit and this is especially apparent since her sister, Serena, tries her best to applaud a great effort or win (although this is not always the case).

    Speaking of one close three-set loss, she told reporters:

    "I was playing decent and she started playing really bad and it totally threw me off...She started hitting these really weird shots and short balls, just weird stuff. Next thing I knew I was playing as bad as she was. She was able to recover. I just wasn't. I guess maybe it was a good strategy."

    Venus is a great champion and is an icon for American tennis, but perhaps she should have reevaluated her sportsmanship throughout her lengthy and prosperous career.