Dear ESPN, Please Stop Talking and Show More Tennis

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Dear ESPN,

I know tennis isn't your strong point.  It's your first year covering all four opens.  You have great commentators in Pat McEnroe and Mary Joe Fernandez.  But I plead to you please shut up and show the tennis.

In a night in which Novak Djokivic played albeit against a wild card opponent we saw bits and pieces of this match in order to listen to Andy Roddick and analysis on up and coming future players.  "E" let me give you a hint here we are watching for the tennis. 

If you want to have an hour long show before all the matches start profiling interviews I'd watch but I'm getting aggravated on the first day based on your lack of actual "coverage." 

Now the Lance Armstrong interview was a pretty cool thing.  Lance is a hero to millions if not billions of people.  But show him in a picture in picture setting.  I want to see Ana Ivanovich play.  I want to see a fifth set finale as we saw tonight.  It wasn't great tennis that late but it's a hundred degrees and it was a test of human ability.

"E" please stop with all the talking tennis even if it is a niche sport in America and we don't care about it as much as we care about even hockey we still want to see it.  Sure we want to hear Roddick speak and we want to hear from the best English speaking players.  We want to know of the young up and comers on both the male and female sides for the Americans. 

So, stop showing old World Strongest Man competitions and show an hour long or a half hour long Sports Center like program involving your interviews.  I guess I'm trying to get an Outside The Lines, Sunday Conversation kind of serious interviews. 

All the players there deserve some air time these are the best on the world you don't need to spice up coverage by talking at a desk. 

You see "E" I just want you to recognize tennis isn't boring just let us watch with the regular commentary and stay away from the desk setting where we interview and have a Kornhieser- Favre kind of suck-up section over Federer and Nadal.  We get it they're really really good. 

Yours In Love,

Disgruntled Tennis Loving Fans

P.S. Maybe you should look into giving some rights back to USA they know how to work this whole tennis thing.