20 Worst Outfits in Tennis History

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20 Worst Outfits in Tennis History
Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Over the years, the game of tennis has evolved relative to the surfaces played upon, the tools used and the fashion worn.

In the early years, the outfits (both men and women) were seemingly conservative. When looking at early photos one may ask the question as to how could men and women have played tennis in those  outfits? But the bottom line was he or she made whatever adaptations were necessary and became used to them when they hit the court.

As tennis moved into the Open Era, the outfits (both men and women) started to become less conservative. The fashion gurus of tennis began to think outside of the conservative fashion box.

Innovation is a good thing. However, there are those times that innovation does not necessarily result in a fashion piece becoming couture to the average tennis fan.

Here we will take a look at some fashion ideas that went terribly wrong.

As you go through the slides, you will find that there are several tennis stars who were represented multiple times as they reached the height and beyond of a fashion misstep.

Have fun and do feel free to comment.


Disclaimer: Much respect is given to each of the tennis players represented in this slideshow. No disrespect is meant to their on-court performances and skill set.


Photo: Can you guess who these socks belong to? Hint: She makes quite a few fashion missteps.

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