Aussie Open Live Update: Federer Dispatches Del Potro, Wins in 1000th Match

Gideon ResnickContributor IIIJanuary 24, 2012

A determined Federer walloped Del Potro in three straight sets
A determined Federer walloped Del Potro in three straight setsMark Dadswell/Getty Images

This quarterfinal match could not have gone any better for Roger Federer, who defeated Juan Martin del Potro in straight sets to win in his 1000th match played on tour. Leading 6-4, 6-3, and up a break at 4-2, the Swiss master's game looked seamless as he prepared to grab the last two games from the struggling big man.

Federer was fearlessly coming to the net against the monstrous Argentine, hitting one-handed backhands beautifully down the line, and consistently seizing scoring opportunities off of his first serve, all of which seemed to befuddle the usually calm Del Potro. Despite the fact that Federer had a first serve percentage of 57, he managed to make this a very one-sided affair, eventually blowing out Del Potro in this final set.

Del Potro only had 20 winners compared to Federer's 38, while both littered the stat sheet with unforced errors--Del Potro had 27; Federer had 22. 

A sizable, insurmountable lead was built due to the amount of points Federer was winning off of his first serve. The Swiss slam champion won 89 percent of his points when his first serve went in, as opposed to Del Potro who was only victorious 57 percent of the time.

After Federer broke Del Potro to go up 5-2 in the third with a chance to serve his way into the 2012 Australian Open semifinals, he put a walloping finishing touch on this match in the next few moments. The only question that remains is if he can play this well against opponents like Nadal and Djokovic in the closing days of this tournament.