WWE Raw: Brodus Clay's Funkasaurus Might Actually Work

Colin StoneContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Funky's on a roll.
Funky's on a roll.

Where to start with the debut of Brodus Clay?

First of all, if you haven't seen it, watch it here. It is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous debut I have ever seen. It was like the Godfather, Val Venis, Viscera and Ernest "The Cat" Miller rolled into one.

However, having watched it several times now, I'm of the opinion that Brodus could definitely make this gimmick work.

It seems fairly obvious that Creative have given Clay this gimmick as "punishment" for a tweet he posted when he was originally meant to debut back in November, containing a spoiler that he was to defeat the outgoing John Morrison later that night.

The WWE saw the tweet and decided to push back Clay's debut and give the spot to The Miz instead.

And last night, three months after vignettes aired showing Brodus Clay as an unstoppable monster heel, we saw the arrival of the Funkasaurus, a dancing hip-hopper from the Planet Funk, flanked by two catsuit-wearing dancers.

It was like the second coming of the Ho-Train.

It seems that fans are split down the middle over Brodus. Some absolutely loved his debut and think it was fantastic (myself included), while others believe it's the worst thing that could've happened to the nearly 400-pound superstar.

Likewise, some think that this signals the end of Clay's career, while others (myself also included) believe that this gimmick will only be temporary and that Clay will inevitably become the dominant monster heel that he was promised to be from the beginning.

Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry are all winding down their careers. At the moment, Kane and Mark Henry are two massive monster heels. Why add another rookie monster heel to an already crowded gimmick?

I can see why Creative would punish Clay with an embarrassing and ridiculous act like this, but having said that, the reaction he got last night was terrific (not to mention he trended No. 1 on Twitter, as Michael Cole quickly reminded us) and this "funky" gimmick could well last for some time to come, and might even bring him some mid-card success.

Sure, it's not what we all were expecting, but that's what the WWE does sometimes. It throws us a curveball.

In this instance, it was a 400-pound gyrating and dancing curveball.

I have no doubts that Brodus Clay will eventually become a monster heel in the WWE, but right now, I'm looking forward to his next Funky appearance on Monday Night Raw.


And that's the bottom line, 'cos Colin Stone said so!

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