Funkasaurus?!: Why WWE's Brodus Clay Booking Is Good

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Funkasaurus?!: Why WWE's Brodus Clay Booking Is Good

Last night, The WWE debuted one of the most ridiculous, over-the-top characters since Santino Marella was turned into a punch line. 

The monster heel and the owner of the "Sheeeee" war cry was turned into some strange mixture of the late Heavy D, Ernest "The Cat" Miller and Dusty Rhodes. 

As expected, people's mouths all over the arena dropped, as they did all over the Internet, and surely in living rooms all across America. 

I, myself, could not stop laughing while repeatedly asking my fiancee what in the world we we're watching. "I have noooooo idea" was her response. 

The initial reaction is to think that the WWE is punishing Brodus Clay for tweeting he would destroy John Morrison on Twitter.  

However, I do not agree with that being the reason for this sudden character change, and I also don't think that this is punishment for Brodus.  (Outside of the general humiliation the gimmick might lend, in and of itself.)

In fact, I think that this is not only a good idea for Brodus, but I think it's a trend the WWE should begin to take more often with its wrestlers. 

Now, before you murder me in a fit of pitchforked rage, hear me out, as I outline some of the positives of the WWE's new "Funkasaurus".  Perhaps, at the end, I'll actually convince some of you not to kill me, before heading out to Stamford to burn down WWE Headquarters...

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