Alabama vs. LSU Video: Watch Tyrann Mathieu 'Move Like Badger' in Tribute Video

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Here's a little something the "Honey Badger" might actually care about.

Since given that nickname, Tyrann Mathieu has lived up to the hype, helping keep the LSU Tigers at No. 1 and reaching the BCS National Championship Game. 

However, this video might just be overkill. 

Don't get me wrong, it's a solid tribute mixed with the original honey badger video, but the guy's singing voice is near unbearable.

It makes you wonder, how bad would this have been without the auto-tune?

Having the highlights makes this somewhat worth the watch, as it gives you glimpse of Mathieu's phenomenal plays from this year. Unfortunately, the highlights and a few catchy lyrics aren't enough to make up for pitiful singing. 

The "Honey Badger" gig has been on full blast since Mathieu started turning heads with his stellar defense and outstanding punt returns. 

This fan expresses his love for the the Tigers and "the Best Football Player in College." That comes directly from the YouTube page, and it's far from the truth. 

As a Heisman Finalist, Mathieu was one of the top players this season, which is a tremendous accomplishment for a defensive player. However, he is not the best college football player, and some will argue he's not even the best on his team. 

Still, enjoy the "Honey Badger" tag while it lasts, because, eventually, it will get old, if it already hasn't for some folks. 

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