Chicago Bears: Why Bears Are Right to Stick with Lovie Smith

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IIJanuary 4, 2012

Chicago Bears: Why Bears Are Right to Stick with Lovie Smith

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    The Chicago Bears did what came as no surprise to the fans and began to clean house by firing general manager Jerry Angelo and allowing offensive coordinator Mike Martz to walk.

    Head coach Lovie Smith, however, will be retained for at least one more season.

    In a season where the Bears' soul was literally ripped from its core, causing them to miss the playoffs, retaining Coach Smith is the right decision.

    Check out why. 

Player Favorite

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    In Lovie Smith's eight years as head coach of the Chicago Bears, he's heard all of the criticisms—both positive and negative. 

    The one thing that has always remained constant is the support he's received from his players. 

    The Bears players respond to Smith and go out and play hard for him every Sunday. I mean, up until they lost their quarterback for the season, the Bears were 7-3, averaging over 30 points per game in a five game win streak. 

    While 2010 may have been a disappointment, losing Jay Cutler and Matt Forte is hardly Smith's fault, and even though their season was over, he still had his players going out and fighting in the season's final week. 

Playoff Track Record

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    In the six seasons leading up to Lovie Smith's hiring as Bears head coach, the team only experienced one winning record. 

    The Bears in the Lovie Smith era have made the playoff three times from three division championships. 

    He also has two trips to the NFC championship and a Super Bowl appearance to his resume. 

    Lovie has a career 66-52 regular season record to add to that, and based on track record alone, retaining Coach Smith is the right decision. 

Calm Demeanor

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    When conversations arise talking about coaches in the city of Chicago, the headliner is, without a doubt, "Iron" Mike Ditka. 

    Ditka and Lovie Smith are two complete polar opposites, but have both seen similar success as coach of the Bears. 

    Smith has never been one to blow up on a referee for making a bad call, nor has he ever shown increased emotion on the sidelines toward a player for making a questionable decision.

    I know that these traits irritate Bears fans, especially when the team is losing, but that's just who Lovie is and how he coaches. 

    It's not wrong; it's just not what we're used to. 

Defensive Wizard

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    The Bears defense was bad before Lovie Smith became the Bears head coach. Like perennial mid-20's bad.

    Ever since, though, the Bears have become one of the most feared defenses in the league with their Cover 2 packages that put immense pressure on the quarterback.

    Linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are two of the best at their position, and Charles Tillman recently made the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career. 

    "The Monsters of the Midway," as they were dubbed in the mid-2000's, are one of the best defenses in league history, and much of that is credited to Smith. 

Who Else Is There to Hire?

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    Hypothetically speaking, if Lovie Smith were to be fired, who else is there for the Bears to hire?

    What exactly would be the point of letting go a seasoned coach for something completely different, especially considering the Bears are an aging bunch?

    2010 wasn't a failure for the Bears; it just became a series of unfortunate events. It would be useless to fire Smith at this juncture for the lone reason of the Bears missing the playoffs. 

    The Bears made the right decision by looking at the Bears' 7-3 record prior to Jay Cutler's injury as what this team's made of rather than the end result and just completely clearing house.