Prince Fielder: 10 Fun Facts Scott Boras Should Add to His Infamous Binder

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IDecember 27, 2011

Prince Fielder: 10 Fun Facts Scott Boras Should Add to His Infamous Binder

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    When one imagines someone lugging a big 75-page binder around, they typically picture a sleep-deprived college student and not baseball's super agent. Scott Boras takes a binder around to the meetings he has about Prince Fielder, according to Derrick Goold of STL Today.

    The goal of the binder is to provide teams with a number of statistics that justify the big contract that Boras is looking to have his client sign. Included in the binder are facts such as Fielder and Pujols are the only two players to hit at least 32 home runs in each of the past five years.

    Additionally, it compares the home run total of Fielder to that of Hall of Fame first basemen Orlando Cepeda, Jimmie Fox and Harmon Killebrew.

    There are a few more facts that Scott Boras should add to his infamous binder.

He Has the Potential To Be an Elite Pitcher

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    In 1992, Prince Fielder was just eight years old. However, he was already on television and it was clear that he was a budding star.

    In a McDonald's commercial, Fielder was able to blow a fastball past his father, Cecil. The older Fielder was coming off a 44-home run campaign.

He Listens to His Wife

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    Before the 2008 season, Prince Fielder's wife gave him a diet book. Fielder then read the book and removed both meat and fish from his diet.

    A happy home life means that Fielder will be productive on the field. He does not have to deal with many distractions at home.

He Is Deceptively Fast

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    Taking one look at Prince Fielder, it is fairly clear that he weighs more than his listed weight of 275 lbs. One would expect that he cannot steal any bases.

    However, Fielder has proven the critics wrong. He has swiped 16 bases in his seven-year career.

He Not Only Hits Long Home Runs, but He Hits Inside-the-Park Homers

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    Prince Fielder would be one of the last players in baseball that people would expect to hit an inside-the-park home run.

    He has actually done it not once, but twice in his career. Fielder's two inside-the-park home runs are one of the most impressive statistics he has.

There Is Enough Information About Him To Fill Up a 73-Page Binder

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    The sheer size of the binder that Scott Boras created about Prince Fielder is impressive enough.

    There are not many 27-year-olds that have done enough to merit having a 73-page binder put together about them.

    Photo Credit: Caroline Crasnick, ESPN

He Will Make More Money Than Some Nations Make in a Year

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    According to the CIA World Fact Book, there are nine countries that have a GDP under $240 million.

    The next contract that Prince Fielder signs could eclipse this total. Fielder will actually make more money in one year than the country of Nuie makes in the same period of time.

He Is an Avid Reader

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    Not only does Prince Fielder read books that were given to him by his wife, but he also reads other literature as well.

    One of the few things that is in his man cave is a copy of the 73-page binder that Boras made about him. This leads one to believe that Fielder has a bookcase in his man cave. If this is true, then Fielder is a very cultured individual.

He Is a Puppeteer

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    Prince Fielder has many talents on the baseball field, but he also has a number of hidden talents off of the field.

    Every team is looking for a player that can entertain his fans while leading them to a winning season. Fielder can not only do that with his long home runs but he is also known to act out scenes as Sully from Monsters Inc.

    Photo Credit: Larry Brown Sports

He Knows How To Celebrate

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    Since he hits so many home runs, Prince Fielder has had a lot of practice with his post home run celebrations.

    Fielder actually led the league in celebrations in 2011 after a disappointing third-place finish in 2010. He mixes it up and never goes to the same celebratory move twice.

    Photo Credit: NY Times

He's a Pretty Good Baseball Player

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    There are many people out there that don't like getting caught up in the numbers. Boras provides a ton, well maybe just 10 pounds of statistics about why Fielder is so good.

    The simple fact of the matter is that Prince Fielder is a very good baseball player and the team that signs him will be much better.