Power Ranking Don Cherry's 25 Most Obnoxious Suits of All Time

Stefan KubusAnalyst IJanuary 9, 2012

Power Ranking Don Cherry's 25 Most Obnoxious Suits of All Time

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    Don Cherry, host of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada segment "Coach's Corner," has consistently made for must-see television with his spirited rants. 

    Whether it's paying tribute to fallen Canadian soldiers or laying into Matt Cooke for another dirty hit, Cherry is never afraid to speak his mind. His "Coach's Corner" segment, which fans have been tuning into on Saturday night's for years now, has continually earned Cherry a spot on The Hockey News' "100 People of Power and Influence" list. Just this past year, Cherry came in at No. 71.

    Hockey's longtime tell-it-like-it-is personality is perhaps known for something aside from his hockey segment: his decorative, flashy suits.

    Just like his controversial commentary, you either love the suits or you hate them.

    Let's look at the 25 most loud suits that Cherry has sported. It will be easy to see that the outfit will do most of the talking here. 

25. Velvet Blue

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    The velvet jacket is one that Don likes to sport often, and makes for a lively getup when combined with the striped, white-collared shirt.

24. Golden Plaid

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    Not really feeling this plaid one from Cherry. It definitely is an obnoxious one that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing, but there's just not much to it.

23. The Most Interesting Man in the World

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    Don Cherry's Christmas-special doesn't disappoint. The red velvet jacket gives off that Dos Equis-guy-meets-holiday-season vibe.

22. Electrifying Lime

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    Sure, it may not have a flashy design, but why would a lime-colored jacket? This one speaks loudly by itself, complete with red rose pinned on.

21. Floral Print

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    The floral design is another favorite of Cherry's, whether it be roses or daisies. This one, a sky blue jacket, is quite a vibrant one. It'd be hard to miss him in a crowd.

20. Roses Are Red...

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    If there's two designs Don likes, it's flowers and plaid. This one is no exception to the rule, as he sports a coat that looks like it should be hanging on the wall.

19. Maple Leafs Homage?

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    It's always difficult to read a man's intentions by looking at a suit like this, but from the color scheme, I'm guessing this one might be a tribute to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Is it weird that I would totally wear this?

18. Electrifying Lime...Floral Edition

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    Remember the lime suit from a few slides back? This one is similar to it, but now back with an all-new limited edition in floral print!

    This one is not too flattering, and the slightly different shade of lime is an atrocious color.

17. The Pajama Bottoms

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    I don't know what's more weird—the fact that I have pajama bottoms with this striped design, or the fact that a suit with such a design exists...

16. The Zebra Flower

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    Perhaps my eyes are playing tricks on me here. This suit appears to not only feature Cherry's classic floral print, but floral print filled in with zebra stripes. How exotic!

15. Canadian Pride

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    Okay, I'll admit it. I picked this one largely based from the neck up. Those sunglasses, the classic hunter's hat complete with two Canadian flags sticking out of the sides makes for one ridiculous look. The pink, polka dot tie adds some style points, too.

14. Classic Cherry

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    Arguably the most recognized plaid design in the world, forget boxer shorts or pajamas. Don Cherry wears this on a suit jacket, and wears it well.

13. The Florist

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    Another perfect candidate for your next wallpaper, courtesy of Don Cherry.

12. Colorful Range

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    I recall seeing Cherry wear this suit one night and thinking, "Well, at least this one has different-colored flowers." Don's proving he has some range, and also that he likes to attend 3D movies.

11. Professor Plum

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    A classy-looking plaid, purple suit holds my No. 12 spot in Don Cherry's exquisite wardrobe. It reminds me of something Professor Plum from Clue would wear.

10. The Carpet Look

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    The king of flowers brings us another floral look, with a cool-colored theme, reminiscent of the carpet I saw in the waiting room at my last doctor's appointment.

    Slick shades, too, Don.

9. Wallpaper Deluxe

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    There's no question this jacket's design was taken from the walls of a nursing home. Don Cherry never ceases to amaze when "Coach's Corner" airs.

8. Fiery Passion

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    Although there is some floral print evident, this suit featured an orange and red theme and just screams "fire" to me.

7. Circles

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    Circles, circles, stripes, and circles. Suits like these make me wonder who Cherry's tailor is. Whoever he is, he must make a pretty penny to conjure such a suit like this.

6. '60s Curtains

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    To be honest, I have no idea where this color scheme came from nor what kind of design this is, but it sure is on the ugly side. With that being said, it's wacky enough to be considered classic Don Cherry.

5. The Green Screen

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    This one was more of a joke the "Coach's Corner" crew played on Cherry. His actual suit was a solid green, but since it was green, they had some fun with the green-screen technology. As you can see, the crew removed the color, and added an atrocious dotted pattern.

    (Thanks to doncherryjacketwatch!)

4. Taxi Cab

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    If I were Cherry, I'd be careful wearing this one around downtown Toronto. You may get a lot of people yelling out for rides.

3. The Flamingo

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    Looking at this one, I thought it was either flamingo-inspired or Miami sunset-inspired. Regardless, it makes for one extravagant jacket.

2. (Insert Description Here)

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    When it's roses and plaid, you can at least tell what the suits are, but this one is on a completely different level. I have no idea what it is, but I think I saw this wallpaper at the home furnishing store.

1. Summertime Plaid

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    Well, if this isn't blinding, I don't know what is. Hockey season isn't exactly during the summer, but Don looks like he's ready for it for this vibrant one.


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