WWE TLC: CM Punk the Chick Magnet and the Lovely Ladies He's Been Linked to

Hands of Stone BlankenshipContributor IIIDecember 18, 2011

WWE TLC: CM Punk the Chick Magnet and the Lovely Ladies He's Been Linked to

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    CM Punk is arguably the best in the world.

    He is the best on the mic, at cutting promos and in the ring, but there is one aspect of Punk that sometimes gets overlooked: his uncanny ability to score with some of the hottest women around.

    Ric Flair, Rick Rude and the Miz don't have anything on Chick Magnet Punk

    Whether in storyline or in his personal life, Punk has been linked to some of the best-looking female wrestlers (I don't like the term "diva" or "knockout") in the business today.

    This list goes in no particular order, and I did it just for a laugh.


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    What do you get when a punk and a goth hook up?

    A match made in mosh-pit heaven.

    Former WCW star Daffney made her Ring of Honor debut by joining Punk's Second City Saints. Known as Lucy Furr, the self-proclaimed Scream Queen helped Punk in his war with Raven.

    You can follow the Zombie-Hot Daffney on her Twitter.

Traci Brooks

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    From one hot valet to another.

    Traci Brooks served as the Second City Saints' valet after Daffney left ROH.

    From goth to schoolgirl, you lucky bastard, Punk.

    Brooks is now married to fellow TNA wrestler Kaz.

Becky Bayless

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    TNA's former Cookie.

    Bayless is a great independent wrestler who was given a bum-deal by TNA, having to job a loser from Jersey Shore.

    I can't find a definite answer on when she and Punk dated; it may all just be gossip.

    Apparently, Punk's got a thing for brunettes, as Bayless has an Amy Lee-look.

Mickie James

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    A mix of country and punk-rock.

    As Alexis Laree,she was a member of Raven's Gathering stable in TNA.

    Like a moth to a flame, it wasn't long before Punk drew her in.

    Fun fact: Mickie James bought her first pair of wrestling boots for her then-roommate and former Punk flame Daffney.

    James and Punk would met up again in the WWE, and at some point, belt out this karaoke classic.


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    While in OVW, Punk caught the eye of  fellow Chicagoan Maria.

    I don't have much to say on this slide, so just watch this video and enjoy.


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    Please don't let Matt Hardy read this article; I don't think I can stand to see that bloated fat man cry anymore.

    A Punk rocker as well, Lita is currently fronting the Luchagors.

Kelly Kelly

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    Kelly Kelly was greener than grass during her time in the land of Extreme; now, she's just as green.

    Punk was in a feud with Kelly's boyfriend, Mike Knox. Remember him?

    To ask a better question, remember this feud?

    The best part of this storyline pairing was ECW's Halloween contest.

Serena Deeb

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    Serena Deeb, one of the best female wrestlers,in my opinion, joined Punk's Straight Edge Society and rocked the bald-head look better than Sinead O' Connor.

    Her time in the WWE was short, as she was released because of her drinking problem.

    She's sober now, and I still hope to one day see her fold Kelly Kelly in half with a gore.

Beth Phoenix

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    Punk's latest ex, the Glamazon

    Just think, if he did go back to Ring of Honor, he'd have dated half of SHIMMER by now.

    They broke up sometime this month, so single female wrestlers better watch out for Punker's charm.

    Thanks for reading; this was fun putting together.


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