World Football's Most Powerful People

Chris Siddell@@siddellcCorrespondent IIIDecember 22, 2011

World Football's Most Powerful People

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    These are the most powerful people in world football.  Those with influence, those with money, and those with positions of great power.

    There are many people in world football who like to think they are powerful, but who is really powerful when it comes to the beautiful game?

    With the UK being the home of world football and with the English FA a major part of any FIFA decision, the most powerful people in world football have a European feel, but there may be a surprise or two in there.

10. Barney Francis

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    Barney Francis is the Chief Executive of Sky Sports.  His power is rooted in the English game.  The money his company pays for television rights makes his say very important to the English FA and the Premier League.

    This makes him one of the most powerful men in football.

    Fixtures will not only be created with an eye on television schedules, but Francis has the ability to alter the date and time of a fixture if he decides he wants it on TV.

    Without his money, the Premier League would be nowhere, and so he stands in a position of great power.

9. David Beckham

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    David Beckham is the only current player to feature on the list.  His appeal is not just as a player, but as a brand.

    As American readers know, Beckham can have a huge effect on the game and he uses that to his advantage.

    Beckham can demand whatever he wants from a club and chances are he will get it.  His value and appeal can not just help improve the standing of a team, but can improve the standing of the sport within an entire nation.

    David Beckham is the most powerful player in world football.

8. Richard Scudamore

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    Richard Scudamore is a familiar name to anyone involved with English football.

    Scudamore does not have a strong footballing background, but he has been the Chairman of the Premier League for well over ten years.

    His position makes him one of the most powerful men in British and world football.  Responsible for all things commercial within the Premier League, if Scudamore thinks it will help bring in money, then it will happen.

7. Sheikh Mansour

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    Sheikh Mansour is the billionaire owner of Manchester City.  His power comes in a slightly different form to most of the others on this list.

    His power is pure spending power.

    Having already assembled the most expensive team ever at Manchester City, he is getting close to buying the Premier League title.

    The man can buy anything he wants.  And not just on the field.  His part in Etihad Airways, official or not, has led to a huge sponsorship deal for Manchester City.

    If there is a problem and there is a way to buy yourself out of it, you need to call Sheikh Mansour.

6. Sir Dave Richards

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    Sir Dave Richards is the Chairman of the Premier League.  The position brings power in itself, but add to that the fact he is also a Chairman of the FA's international committee and a member of the board at the FA and you have one of the most powerful men in football.

    Richards is a man that has a very powerful voice that is heard by many people.  His influence over them has been strong enough to earn him a knighthood for his services to world football.

5. Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein

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    Prince Ali Bin al Hussein is the vice president of FIFA and works closely with Sepp Blatter.

    His appointment as vice president of FIFA and his standing in this list is testament to the growing involvement of the Middle East in modern football.

4. Issa Hayatou

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    Issa Hayatou is the President of CAF, the body that looks after football in Africa.  

    Football has always been around in Africa, but in recent years it has become more and more prevalent on a world stage.

    Hayatou is the man that has taken African football and presented it to the world.  He even got the world to come and visit Africa for a World Cup.  He is a very powerful man in world football.

3. Lennart Johansson

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    Lennart Johansson is still one of the most powerful men in football, despite no longer being the active President of UEFA.

    Now the Honorary President, Johansson still has a very close eye on what is happening in the world of football and is more than capable of making his views known.

    His greatest achievement is the creation of the Champions League as we know it now.  

2. Michel Platini

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    Michel Platini is the current President of UEFA.  As the President of UEFA, Platini has control over many of the best clubs and national teams in the world, making him a very powerful man.

    Arguable the strongest confederation in many ways, UEFA has a very loud and strong voice when it comes to world football matters and Platini is the man who can use that voice.

1. Joseph Blatter

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    Joseph Blatter, or Sepp Blatter as he is more commonly known, is without doubt, the most powerful man in World Football.

    Currently in his fourth term as president of world governing body FIFA, Blatter continues to control the game with confidence.

    Blatter is a popular leader who has helped develop the game greatly in Africa and Asia, taking the beautiful game to every corner of the planet.