NASCAR Drivers, Wives and Twitter: Is NASCAR the Most Active Sport on Twitter?

Connor KishContributor IIIDecember 2, 2011

NASCAR couple Kyle and Samantha Busch have a large Twitter following.
NASCAR couple Kyle and Samantha Busch have a large Twitter following.John Harrelson/Getty Images

Much is to be said about NASCAR and fan relations. NASCAR is considered by many to be a very fan-friendly sport. Drivers constantly stop to sign autographs for waiting fans, and it is incredibly easy to buy a pit road access pass from the majority of race tracks. 

The access NASCAR fans have the ability to enjoy is truly remarkable. You don't get to stand a few feet away from your favorite NFL team's head coach minutes before the game. There is great reason to give NASCAR props for these features, because it truly is different. 

Away from the race track, NASCAR fans' access to their favorite drivers is growing. Many NASCAR drivers, their families and members of their race team are using the social networking site Twitter to increase fan connections and give fans a glimpse into their personal lives, as well as their on-track activities. 

A few of NASCAR's biggest names participate on Twitter, and some even interact jokingly with other drivers and families. Twitter can even provide a seemingly live NASCAR comedy show. The adventures of Kevin Harvick, Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Juan Pablo Montoya, Brad Keselowski, Jeff Burton, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, Danica Patrick, Kenny Wallace, Kasey Kahne and Justin Allgaier are among the most popular. 

It doesn't stop there. Many of the drivers' families participate on Twitter making the glimpse into the off-the-track lives of these drivers even more interesting. Among the most popular family members are wives DeLana Harvick, Krissie Newman, Samantha Busch, Amanda Speed, Connie Montoya and Ashley Allgaier. 

The wives interact with each other, their husbands and even other drivers sometimes. Here, fans are able to see just how real and vibrant the NASCAR racing family is. Even in the heat of competition there are always messages of congratulations, good luck and "sorry about your bad day" popping up.

Kevin and DeLana Harvick are NASCAR's most-followed Twitter couple.
Kevin and DeLana Harvick are NASCAR's most-followed Twitter couple.Jerry Markland/Getty Images

Even further, many members of the race teams participate as well. Including spotters and over the wall crew members. Among the most followed are Brett Griffin (Jeff Burton's spotter), Bill O'Dea (Kevin Harvick's spotter), Bob Jeffrey (Tony Stewart's spotter) and Mike Calinoff (Matt Kenseth's spotter). These men provide views an opinions on Twitter from high above the track—sometimes comical.

The point here is, what other sport gives you real life, up close, live access to the happenings at the venue as well as the accessibility to your favorite athlete in a different, more personal light?

NASCAR fans should be excited and thrilled with the level of access they receive, both live and online, and take pride in the fact that their favorite sport may be the most active on Twitter, in terms of large scale participation.