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  6. Last one of the year: The 480th RT wins my #Lowes48 hat from @HomesteadMiami. #jjswag

  7. Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch's wife defend legitimacy of championship - via @ESPN App https://t.co/BbAWUHHxME #NASCAR

  8. Note to self: You're not 21, please use better judgement in the future.

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  12. I disagree, he won 4 races and came back from a massive injury. https://t.co/2B83OxKQWF

  13. Well deserved @KyleBusch!

  14. Jimmie Johnson gets strange penalty during Homestead race https://t.co/yoIh55Y4nl

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  18. First Dale Jr. crashes, and then Jimmie Johnson gets popped with a strange penalty. Bad start for Gordon teammates. https://t.co/7WcL9BGF6B

  19. Jimmie Johnson gets strange penalty at Homestead for altering body panels. https://t.co/7WcL9BGF6B

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  25. Dale Jr. Danica Patrick, Kyle Larson, Kasey Kahne, Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus were the notables wearing No. 24 hats in drivers meeting.

  26. #NASCAR ... I saw Danica Patrick, Jimmie Johnson & Kyle Larson wearing Jeff Gordon hats to drivers meeting. @NASCARonNBC @NBCSports

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  30. #NASCAR ... Jimmie Johnson wearing a Jeff Gordon hat to drivers meeting. https://t.co/35PusP2BwV

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  34. I’m forever grateful and thankful for the opportunity @JeffGordonWeb has given me inside the No. 48 car. He built such a great foundation for myself, and for other drivers to come along. I don't know how it will feel when he's not racing but I know none of us will be the same. I'm excited to get out there with him one last time today and watch him race for a championship. #24ever 

  35. That time @JeffGordonWeb, @texastornado5 and myself won @RaceOfChampions in Spain. #TBT #2002 https://t.co/oKCnijc7bW

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  38. That time @jeffgordonweb, #ColinEdwards and myself won @raceofchampions in Spain. #TBT #2002

  39. My helpers for today's @TeamHendrick victory bell tour. Now off to Miami. https://t.co/PXIO7jITeg

  40. NASCAR Unveils 2016 Sprint Cup, Xfinity Schedule

  41. NASCAR to Blame and Will Pay for Talladega Finish

  42. Video: Jeff Gordon, 1 last ride. Narrated by Jimmie Johnson: https://t.co/q8n7VR9acm #nascar

  43. looking forward to this ... Jeff Gordon tribute narrated by Jimmie Johnson on 6pm SportsCenter. #nascar https://t.co/Ge7IE761Yx

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  50. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.​, Jimmie Johnson​ and Kasey Kahne​ to honor teammate Jeff Gordon​ at @HomesteadMiami. #NASCAR https://t.co/0BRLVCLxlE

  51. I've gotta really bad Reno 911 stache... Let me see if I can talk the boss (my wife) into it. Great idea! https://t.co/IlpyAEJjGl

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  54. Those dudes are old, we want the 24 to win it don't we. https://t.co/NmCelJQ9ny

  55. Agreed! He won't!  https://t.co/JQXC7HWmLd

  56. Harvick Finds a Way Out of Dover; Jimmie Finds a Way Out of Chase

  57. Johnson's Chase Hopes Crushed After Early Trouble

  58. Sorry. #BlameJJ https://t.co/6Z88EF0Ku0

  59. You've got it all figured out. What do I do with my kids? They've gotta hurt my focus too. https://t.co/9A2darv0Zv

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  62. Cool, maybe tweet him about that one. https://t.co/mqobUQRvv0

  63. Send all requests for yellow numbers in 2016 to @LowesRacing.  #BringYellowBack

  64. Qualifying at Dover Canceled, Kenseth on Pole

  65. Drivers Favor Lengthening of Restart Zone at Dover

  66. A much welcomed color change in honor of @JeffGordonWeb. #24Ever https://t.co/0K12pitpve

  67. Kurt Busch, Jimmie Johnson tweet thoughts on @PhoenixRaceway penalty. #NASCAR #TheChase https://t.co/xP73tJ0aMO

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  69. Controversial Restart Zone Will Be Doubled at Dover

  70. Never https://t.co/YCzrCsEMmX

  71. I'm proud of that stream... Solid. https://t.co/ZWVMq6XchD

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  73. Blaney Wins Xfinity Race at Kentucky

  74. Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch tweet thoughts on the pass-through penalty at @PhoenixRaceway. #NASCAR #TheChase https://t.co/xP73tJ0aMO

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  77. Jimmie Johnson has been giving Jeff Gordon advice before Miami https://t.co/8FlkcfCNiU https://t.co/WniI0dJGD8

  78. Hold please, results to follow. https://t.co/MOFRsNqb7s