Jon Jones' Bentley and the 7 Best Whips in MMA

Matt Juul@@MattchidaMMAContributor IIIDecember 4, 2011

Jon Jones' Bentley and the 7 Best Whips in MMA

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    One of the perks of being a famous professional athlete is being able to afford a lot of cool gadgets that most people will never own.

    Having all this disposable income, many stars choose to upgrade their rides once they make it to the big show, choosing to go with higher-end, luxury cars.

    For some successful mixed martial arts fighters, having a vehicle that matches their extreme profession is a must.

    Here are a few of the best whips in MMA.

Cain Velasquez's 2009 Ford F-150

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    Before he put his 2009 Ford F-150 up for sale on Ebay, this behemoth of a truck was the whip of choice for former UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

    Customized by California Wheels in San Jose, Calif., it features 20″ RBP 94R wheels, a custom RBP grill, custom intake and engine tuning.  The truck also has smoked tail lights and headlights, blacked out emblems and tinted windows.

    What a fitting, badass car for one of the sport's most dangerous fighters.

Clay Guida's RV

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    Unlike the sweet sports cars that others on the list enjoy, UFC lightweight Clay Guida has a much more cozy ride.

    Trading in the comforts of an apartment and the luxury of a car, Guida lives out of his custom-built RV that has all the furnishings needed for a top-level fighter to survive the New Mexico desert.

Georges St. Pierre's Custom Range Rover

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    UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre's Range Rover is his whip of choice when he's riding down the streets of Montreal.

    Nowadays, St. Pierre's ride sports custom black rims that go great with the car's all-black finish.

Rampage Jackson's Audi R8

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    Former Light-Heavyweight champion Rampage Jackson's Audi R8 is one of the dopest rides in the MMA community—when it's not in the auto body shop.

    Last year, Rampage got into a little fender-bender with an elderly woman while riding home from an Orange County Audi dealership.

    Unlike an earlier incident in 2009 that caused Rampage major legal troubles, this incident was a minor one and only caused damage to Rampage's sweet whip.

Dana White's 1971 Cuda 440

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    With an ever-growing car collection, it's hard to choose just one whip out of Dana White's rides.

    One of his more interesting collectibles is his 1971 Barracuda.  The car was actually custom built for White on Spike TV's MuscleCar show.

    Featured alongside his other rides in DUB Magazine, this muscle car is definitely a whip White enjoys.

Jon Jones' 2012 Bentley Continental GT

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    After defeating two legends en route to becoming the youngest reigning champion in UFC history, Jon Jones decided to treat himself to a sick new ride.

    Earlier this year, Jones purchased the new 2012 Bentley Continental GT.

    This $190,000 whip comes complete with a 567 horsepower, V-12, twin-turbocharged all-wheel-drive engine. A car fit for a champion.

Josh Koscheck's 2007 Ferrari F-430

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    Ultimate Fighter alum and former top contender, UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck has one of the sickest rides in MMA.

    Rolling in a 2007 Ferrari F-430, Koscheck's silver beauty was customized by California Wheels and features a set of matte black Vellano wheels that add to the car's clean look.

    What I'd give to have this lovely whip in my garage.