The 20 Most Insane Fans in Sports

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 27, 2011

The 20 Most Insane Fans in Sports

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    There are some people who are very serious about sports—nothing wrong with that! Getting together with your friends and family to have a few beers and watch your favorite team is one of the best ways to spend a day. 

    Win, lose or draw, most fans of most teams in most cities head home in an orderly fashion when the game is over. The keyword here being most.

    There are a few teams known for rowdy fanbases that would rather start fires and flip over cars after a game than go home and sleep it off. (I've been one of those fans, so no judgement.)  

    Here are the 20 most insane fans in sports.

20. University of Oregon Fans

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    Oregon fans are so passionate about their university that they don't even need a reason to riot. 

    In September 2010, hundreds of students flooded the residential streets of Eugene, ripping down street signs, throwing bottles at police and vandalizing cars were the order of the day. Police had no idea what started the impromptu riot, but nine were arrested. 


19. Toronto Maple Leafs Fans

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    Toronto Maple Leafs fans are among the most passionate and devoted in professional sports, despite the fact that nearly a half-century has passed since their last Stanley Cup victory. 

    If the Leafs get it together and manage to win a championship, expect riots in Toronto that will make the Vancouver riots look like a child's birthday party. 

18. Oakland Raiders Fans

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    After the Raiders' Super Bowl loss to the Buccaneers in 2003, anarchy broke out on the streets of Oakland; more than 50 blocks were consumed by the rioters.

    It took more than 400 police officers most of the night to get the area under control.

    Considering the spectacle Raiders home games are in September, it would have been more insane if Raider Nation didn't riot.  

17. UConn Basketball Fans

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    It's safe to say the phrase "act like you've been there before" means absolutely nothing to Huskies fans. 

    When the Huskies won the NCAA Championship in 1999, they rioted. 

    When the Huskies won the NCAA Championship in 2004, they rioted. 

    So naturally, when the Huskies won the NCAA Championship in 2011, they rioted. 

16. San Francisco Giants

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    Following the Giants' World Series victory in 2010, fans took to the streets  

    Giants fans lit fires, looted stores, attacked police cars and a few particularly deranged fans reportedly pulled a few people form a car and beat them until riot police arrived to stop them. 

15. University of Alabama Fans

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    Almost every team in the SEC has a fanbase that will make you think twice about attending an away game in your university apparel, which makes it all the more impressive that Alabama fans have managed to distinguish themselves as the hands-down craziest.

    In January 2011, the nation got a glimpse at just how serious the 'Bama/Auburn rivalry really is. Retired Texas state trooper, and serious 'Bama fan, Harvey Updyke poisoned Auburn's famous 130-year-old Oak trees and then called a radio show to brag about it. 

    Not cool...

14. Boston Red Sox Fans

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    In Boston, baseball is king, and having to wait nearly a century in between World Series victories obviously led to some emotional outbursts over the years. 

    Uprisings in Boston in recent years have been common after Red Sox achievements, and there's no reason to think that will change in the future. 

13. Cleveland Browns Fans

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    Jeez, does any other fanbase in the NFL have it rougher than Cleveland Browns fans?

    Despite being one of the oldest franchises in football, the Browns have yet to make a Super Bowl appearance. They'd probably just settle for a winning season at this point.

    Yet they haven't abandoned their team. Browns fans show up every week—sometimes shirtless in the dead of winter—to drink beers, cheer on their team and hope that they can collectively will them to a win. 

12. Ohio State University Fans

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    In 2007, former Ohio State University alumnus Karen Holbrook discussed some of the fan behavior that she dealt with during her time at the university. Said Holbrook:

    When you win a game, you riot. When you lose a game, you riot. When spring comes, you riot. African-American Heritage Festival weekend, you riot...They think it's fun to flip cars, to really have absolute drunken orgies...I don't want to be at a place that has this kind of culture as a norm.

    Holbrook added that she had witnessed "disgusting things, unbelievable things." 

    Paints quite a picture of life in Columbus. 

11. Philadelphia Phillies Fans

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    Everyone is always picking on Philadelphia fans for being unhinged lunatics, and it's starting to get to them. Don't even bring up that Santa Claus incident with an Eagles fan if you aren't prepared to get lectured. 

    Unfortunately, the riots in the wake of the Phillies' 2008 World Series win did absolutely nothing to change that perception. Enthusiastic Phillies fans flipped cars, broke windows and even occupied city fire trucks brought in to help deal with the ruckus.     

10. Detroit Pistons Fans

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    When the Pistons beat the Trail Blazers in Game 5 to win the NBA championship, Detroit erupted in riots that left seven people dead. Riots are definitely less ridiculous when people end up dead. 

    On a lighter note, remember when that Pistons fan dumped a drink on Ron Artest's head, setting off an insane brawl in the stands? That was nuts. 

9. West Virginia University Fans

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    Did you know that burning a couch is now a felony in Morgantown? Amazing. 

    Outside of their penchant for celebratory arson, WVU fans also have a penchant for physically assaulting fans of the opposition. Their most recent headline-grabbing incident came in September 2011, after a brutal beating at the hands of the LSU Tigers; four LSU fans were assaulted in the parking lot after the game.

8. Montreal Canadiens Fans

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    Montreal Canadiens fans are probably the most riot-prone group in North America. Any time the Habs make the playoffs, you can expect that street fires, broken windows and bottle throwing will be major issues throughout their run. 

    In 2010, after beating the Penguins in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, riots on the streets of Montreal led to the arrest of 41 Habs fans. 

7. Tim Tebow Fans

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    These people have collectively willed Tim Tebow into his starting job in Denver. They've made his jersey the number one-selling jersey in the NFL and even pooled some money to pay for a billboard urging Broncos management  to "PLAY TEBOW!" 

6. Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

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    Pittsburgh Steelers fans treat almost every playoff victory as if it's the first time they've ever seen one. 

    What's really insane? That photo was taken on a Tuesday night in late April. 


5. Soccer Fans

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    Soccer fans do not mess around. Deadly riots have been on the decline, but this year alone there have been riots in Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Egypt and Tajikistan. 

    The riots in Brazil have raised safety concerns for the host country of the 2014 of the FIFA World Cup. 

4. Los Angeles Lakers Fans

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    Los Angles is no stranger to riots, and the Lakers winning something is just as good a reason to riot as any. The latest riots came in 2010, after the Lakers defeated the Celtics in the NBA finals.  

3. Chicago Cubs Fans

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    At this point, you have to wonder if being a Cubs fan should be a diagnosed mental condition. How else can you explain all that crazy curse talk and an entire city uniting to blame Steve Bartman for the team's epic NLCS loss in 2003?

    Let me just say this: Eventually, the Cubs are going to win the World Series...and I wouldn't want to be in Chicago the night it happens. 

2. Vancouver Canucks Fans

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    Fan reaction in Vancouver to the Canucks' Game 7 loss to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals had everyone in the world saying, "Man, Canadians really love their hockey."

    They do indeed.

1. Penn State University Fans

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    I think we've all heard enough about Penn State by now, but their inexplicable riots after Joe Paterno's dismissal are hard to forget. Their actions in the wake of the Sandusky allegations coming to light have the entire world questioning the sanity of Happy Valley residents. 

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