Liverpool's Luis Suarez Charged with Racism: What the FA Must Do If He's Guilty

Allan JiangTransfers CorrespondentNovember 16, 2011

Liverpool's Luis Suarez Charged with Racism: What the FA Must Do If He's Guilty

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    Luis Suárez has been charged with racially vilifying Patrice Evra by the FA. 

    Let's assume the FA back their Kick It Out campaign and find Suárez guilty. 

    This article will look at how the FA must react if Suárez is found guilty, and why they will or will not react in that way. 

Suspend Luis Suárez for 10 Games

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    10 games is a harsh but fair punishment for Luis Suárez.

    Not only does it take into account Suárez's deceit in pleading not guilty, it sends out the message that racism in 2011 will not be tolerated. 

Why the FA Will Not Suspend Luis Suárez

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    You shouldn't be surprised that Luis Suárez has been charged with racism by the FA. 

    The FA are following up on the UEFA's handling of Sergio Busquets' incident with Marcelo. 

    The UEFA charged Busquets, leading many to assume he would be banned, only to do a U-turn and acquit the Barcelona midfielder, citing "lack of evidence."

    Why charge Busquets in the first place if there was a "lack of evidence?"

    The FA will acquit Suárez because, if they don't, they must also ban John Terry, as there is no doubt the Chelsea defender used racially vilifying language towards Anton Ferdinand. 

    If the FA are frivolously appealing Wayne Rooney's red card, what makes you think they will take a stance against racism? 

    It's easier for the FA to sweep this ugly mess under the rug and move on. 

Make Luis Suárez the New Spokesman for Kick It out

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    One way for Luis Suárez to rehabilitate his image is for the FA to make the Uruguayan the new spokesman for Kick It Out. 

Why the FA Will Not Make Luis Suárez the Spokesman for Kick It out

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    If Luis Suárez is found guilty, even though he never racially vilified Patrice Evra, it would be ethically wrong of the FA to make the Uruguayan the new spokesman for Kick It Out. 

    Unlike John Terry, Suárez has not been caught in the act of using racially vilifying language. 

    The FA cannot make Suárez the spokesman for Kick It Out if there is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt proving the Uruguayan used racially vilifying language, let alone racially vilifying Evra. 

Concluding Thoughts

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    The cynic in me sees the FA following the UEFA's handling of Sergio Busquets' alleged racial vilification of Marcelo.

    The human in me would be outraged if Luis Suárez was acquitted because why force him to go through the ordeal of being stigmatised as a racist. 

    Although, using common sense, you'd think the FA has evidence beyond a reasonable doubt, like video evidence, to charge Suárez with racism. 

    If he is found guilty, I hope the FA throws the book at him. 

Novel Approach in Solving the Issue

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    Has anyone considered Patrice Evra could be telling porky pies? 

    How does the FA overcome this situation? By forcing both Luis Suárez and Evra to take a lie detector tests. 

    It's simple. Find out who is the liar and who is telling the truth. 

    If Evra made this all up, then he should be the one to serve a 10 game suspension, not to mention meeting a process server, as Suárez rightly sues the Frenchman for slander. 

Your Opinion

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    Will Luis Suárez be found guilty of racism? Comment below with your answer and why. 

    If he is found guilty, what does this mean for John Terry? 

    Is it right for the FA to charge Suarez with racism and then acquit him for some flimsy excuse, such as how UEFA handled Sergio Busquets' racism charge? 

    What is your general opinion on this issue?

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