Top 10 Sportscaster Screw-Ups Ever

Lena SutherlandContributor IIINovember 9, 2011

Top 10 Sportscaster Screw-Ups Ever

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    Sportscasters are human (most of them anyway) and are bound to flub a line once and a while. But there are some announcer screw-ups that rise above a stammer or an accidental drop of the f-bomb. 

    The epic moments come when they forget the camera is running or realize a mistake and can't even stop themselves from cracking up.

    From ignorant comments to sexual slip-ups, here are the top 10 sportscaster screw-ups ever.

Stuart Scott: Bleep! What?

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    Referring to foul-mouthed Arizona Cardinals QB Derek Anderson, announcer Stuart Scott makes a hilarious slip when he tries to say “bleep function”. 

    Stuart tried to cover, but even the other announcers could not ignore the gaffe.

Don Cherry: On Women

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    Here is some vintage footage of sportscaster Don Cherry, giving advice to women who are “yapping” instead of watching the hockey game. 

    What he does not realize is that the women are actually yapping about his outfits.

Chris Berman: Stop Moving!

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    Monday Night Football production staff have Chris Berman a little stressed out by their backstage “movement” while he is trying to concentrate. 

    Berman is caught on camera during a commercial with a Diet Coke and a moving rant of his own.

Dan Marino: Hard Knocks

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    During taping of Inside the NFL, Dan Marino loses it on the table top when he stumbles on a word.

    Watch for the shocked reaction of the co-hosts.

Don Cherry: Pukes

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    This is a more recent Don Cherry screw-up where he makes unsupported claims regarding enforcers, concussions, addictions and then calls them all “pukes.”

    Really, Don, who says “pukes”? 

Larry Merchant: Mayweather vs Grandpa

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    After his controversial win over Victor Ortiz, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr has a train-wreck interview with announcer Larry Merchant. 

    Instead of ending the conversation when it was obvious Mayweather was not going to provide any legitimate answers, Merchant continues his prodding. 

    While Merchant did lose his cool, you just can’t help cheer for any 80-year-old man who puts a satin-shorts prima donna in his place.

Steve Levy: Battle of the Bulge

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    ESPN's Steve Levy makes a hilarious slip-up at the start of his segment. 

    It gets worse with his uncontrollable laughter throughout a report on serious player injuries.

Brian Kinchen: Get Your Hands out There Every Night

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    During a Northern Illinois vs Iowa game, one ESPN U reporter gives an out-there description of “caressing” the football, leading Brian Kinchen to respond with a derogatory comment.

Don Imus: Rutgers Disaster

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    Imus in the Morning host Don Imus referred to the Rutgers University women's basketball team as "nappy-headed hos" and “jigaboos.”

    His attempt at apologizing for the comments was equally as ignorant and ultimately resulted in his show being cancelled.

Jim Rome: Don’t Call Me Chris

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    Fed up with host Jim Rome’s name-calling, former NFL quarterback Jim Everett warned Rome in an interview to stop calling him “Chris”—a reference to female tennis player Chris Evert. 

    Watch what happens when Rome does not heed the warning.