WWE Survivor Series 2011: WWE's 10 Best PPV Events at Madison Square Garden

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WWE Survivor Series 2011: WWE's 10 Best PPV Events at Madison Square Garden

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    Madison Square Garden has been host to some of the best WWE PPV events in its storied history.

    I have ranked the ten best, including a weird fact in each slide coupled with the best moment of the night

    I have tried to avoid personal choice and go for which events actually deserve to be in what place on the list.


SummerSlam 1998

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    There is no doubt in my mind that this is the worst PPV event at Madison Square Garden. It was fairly boring most of the night. The Rock vs Triple H was the event’s only saving grace, as the two put on a spectacle to rival that of Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon from WrestleMania X.

    The Undertaker and Austin clashed heads during their match, causing Austin to black out for a few seconds.

    Weird fact: Earl Hebner nearly got blown up by fireworks during the Undertaker's entrance, only escaping due to calls by an unknown to “get out, Earl!”

    Best moment: The end....That’s probably a bit harsh—the ladder match was the best moment.

Survivor Series 1996

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    This card featured some really solid matches, and they were mostly given around 20 minutes, which meant for a really wrestling heavy show.

    The quality of the wrestling was also high for most of the night, as The Undertaker and Mankind squared off in a continuation of their rivalry and Bret Hart faced Austin as their rivalry began to kick into full gear.

    Sycho Sid won the WWF Championship from Shawn Michaels this night, and there were a total of four survivor matches.

    Weird fact: The longest match was Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart (28:36)

    Best moment: Undertaker vs. Mankind

Summerslam 1988

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    The Ultimate Warrior defeated the Honky Tonk Man in 31 seconds (count them) to win the Intercontinental Championship at this event.

    And we moan about WWE now—Honky Tonk Man must have been suffering from Sheamus syndrome. Although, it should be Honky Tonk Man syndrome, as he came before The Celtic Warrior...

    Let’s just say it wasn’t the best event at Madison Square Garden

    Weird fact: The Ultimate Warrior replaced Brutus Beefcake due to injury.

    Best moment: The British Bulldogs fighting The Fabulous Rougeaus to a time limit draw.

Summerslam 1991

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    SummerSlam 1991 featured an on-screen wedding between Miss Elizabeth and Randy Savage.

    Bret Hart fought Mr. Perfect in an excellent match to capture the Intercontinental Championship. Bret Hart does mention his admiration for Mr. Perfect in documentaries focused on his career. This match shows us exactly why—two pure wrestlers exciting a 20,000-plus crowd for 18 minutes.

    Weird fact: This was Slaughter’s last appearance as an Iraqi sympathiser.

    Best moment: The wedding reception.

    The real best moment: Bret Hart vs. Mr Perfect

Royal Rumble 2008

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    I think one of the most famous images from this PPV event is Randy Orton careering into the barricade head-first after a baseball slide form Jeff Hardy.

    Jeff Hardy fought Orton for the WWE Championship as the reigning Intercontinental Champion.

    The Undertaker entered the Royal Rumble at No.1, but did not manage to achieve what Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit had in previous years.

    Weird fact: John Cena won the Royal Rumble in eight minutes and 28 seconds, making him the fastest ever winner.

    Best moment: John Cena’s surprise return.

Survivor Series 2002

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    The Elimination Chamber alone puts this PPV high up on this list.

    The rest of the card was admittedly rather forgettable, none more than the five-minute WWE Championship match between the Big Show and Brock Lesnar.

    The 40-minute main event more than saved this horrible card.  

    Weird fact: This event featured the debut of the infamous Elimination Chamber.

    Best moment: Shawn Michaels winning the World Heavyweight Championship

WrestleMania XX

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    “Where it all begins...again”

    The event where the two main events on the card stole the show and two friends that had worked in close proximity for years were finally at the top of the mountain at the same time.

    Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero showed that lighter wrestlers can main event WrestleMania and carry the company. It was bigger than just the 20th annual WrestleMania.

    Also, the fact that Triple H put Chris Benoit over is pretty astounding.

    The Undertaker defeated Kane in a homecoming for his phenom persona, The Rock ‘N’ Sock connection reformed for one night only and who could forget the Playboy evening gown match?

    It was a fun night at Madison Square Garden

    Weird fact: This was the longest WrestleMania broadcast in history, coming in at a total of five hours.

    Best moment: Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating in the ring at the end of the show.


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    WrestleMania is the event that started it all.

    Originally meant to be a singular event to draw more viewers to the product, WrestleMania soon became one of the most widely anticipated PPV events of the year.

    It all began in Madison Square Garden. With a crowd of over 19,000 in attendance and over a million watching at home, this was the biggest PPV event that had ever been devised.

    Weird fact: This WrestleMania didn’t feature a WWF title match.

    Best moment: The main event, which pitted Hulk Hogan and Mr. T against Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff, with Muhammad Ali as the Special Guest Referee.

Royal Rumble 2000

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    This is probably my favourite PPV event of all time, and it took a lot of willpower to keep me from putting it at the top of this list.

    Every match on this card was brilliant, from the tables match between the Hardys and Dudleys to the Royal Rumble itself.

    The match between Triple H and Cactus Jack is often heralded by critics as being near perfect in terms of psychology and storytelling.

    This was also the first PPV I ever watched and what made me a great fan of both The Game and Cactus Jack.

    Weird fact: This event’s WWF logo had a green base rather than the usual red.

    Best moment: Jeff Hardy doing a Swanton Bomb off the balcony through a table.

WrestleMania X

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    WrestleMania X was without a doubt the best PPV event ever held at Madison Square Garden.

    Not only did it feature stellar matches throughout the night, but in what the WWE would call the 10th anniversary of WrestleMania, the WWF title was defended twice in one night!

    The most famous images of WrestleMania X are Bret vs. Owen with the sharpshooter locked in and Shawn Michaels diving off the top of the ladder.

    Weird fact: This event featured the first televised ladder match.

    Best moment: The entire ladder match, which featured Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.

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