The NFL's 9 Most Eligible Bachelors

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIIOctober 30, 2011

The NFL's 9 Most Eligible Bachelors

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    Women are watching sports now more than ever, a good fact that is helping multiple sports leagues grow. No league has seen its growth increase in the female fanbase department more than the NFL.

    The ladies have their right to see players in a different light, just as men can for the female sports stars.

    Quarterbacks are undoubtedly the prime position on the list for obvious reasons, but a few others crack the countdown.

    My manhood, or what's left of it, definitely takes a hit after figuring out this list.

    With that said, here are the top nine eligible bachelors remaining in the NFL.

9. Matt Leinart

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    Everyone loves the backup quarterback, and Matt Leinart is still earning a lot more cash than many starters in the NFL, not to mention the former USC quarterback still has his money from being a top-10 pick in 2006.

    Leinart would have time for any woman, as he's on the sideline. He knows the ins and outs of Los Angeles from playing for the Trojans.

    The hair doesn't hurt Leinart's appeal to women either. With that said, it may be awkward if Leinart spends more time on his hair than most women.

8. Wes Welker

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    Wes Welker has a pair of Irish eyes that drive girls crazy.

    The Patriots receiver is about to be paid, as 2011 is his contract year. If living in Boston isn't your thing, ladies, you may not have to, because Welker may be forced to relocate.

    Welker seems to have a likable personality, as Bill Belichick cannot even stop his most reliable player from cracking jokes.

    In difficult situations like 3rd-and-short, Welker is always there for Tom Brady. Who's to say he wouldn't deal with tough times as a spouse?

    Don't be fooled by Chad Ochocinco; women would rather take Wes Welker any day.

7. Eric Berry

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    Ladies love the eyes of the Chiefs safety. Looking in them may be the first time you'll hear the Beatles, as Jonah Hill would say.

    Eric Berry has the cash since he was a first-round pick in 2009, right before the salary scale was put into effect. He's rumored to be a good dude as well.

    Berry doesn't forget where he came from. He has his own charity foundation to help others. Get him while he's only 22 and for the taking.

6. Jay Cutler

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    Jay Cutler is so good that he can leave reality star Kristin Cavallari at the altar and get her back when he pleases. Chicago's quarterback did so because he didn't like seeing her get too close with her Dancing with the Stars partner.

    The only thing Cutler may want more than Cavallari is Brandon Marshall back at his side. Anyway, Marshall would be his wingman rather than his go-to chick.

    Cutler looks better this season because of his weight loss, and he has a "who cares" attitude. It takes a boss to have Cavallari devastated by a breakup.

5. Mark Sanchez

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    California-born quarterback, New York Jets quarterback. Ladies, check out Mr. Sanchez in white even though it's after Labor Day.

    Mark Sanchez isn't afraid of what looks right or wrong as far as age. He's been linked to a 17-year-old while also stating his affection for Jennifer Aniston in GQ.

    The only limits Sanchez shows are on the football field, not in the dating game.

4. Reggie Bush

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    Miami's starting running back, or whatever he is, has dated some talkers like Kim Kardashian. Reggie Bush would probably be pleased with someone who enjoys the presence of silence.

    It doesn't hurt that Bush is jacked like no other.

    You may want to trade Bush for a pizza if he's on your fantasy team, but women would never swap him.

    What woman, or anyone for that matter, wouldn't like living in South Beach?

3. Cam Newton

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    The son of a preacher man, Cam Newton is humble enough with his confidence without leaking over into arrogance.

    Newton has a Hollywood-made smile and is similar to O.J. Simpson's persona before the ex-Buffalo running back was accused of murder.

    Newton's current girlfriend will definitely provide better competition to potential suitors than what Jimmy Clausen gave Newton for the starting job in Carolina.

    Newton's close connection to family is a definite positive for many.

2. Tim Tebow

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    Bash Tim Tebow's football skills all you want, but it takes a grown man to get a girl like he's got. On top of that, he's an admitted virgin.

    If Tebow has a son, he will be named Jesus.

    Ladies will have trouble taking Tebow away from his current woman. She's "Little Ms. Bossy," and she can be anything she wants.

1. Aaron Rodgers

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    How well Aaron Rodgers has dealt with the entire Brett Favre saga can be compared to how he'd deal with a crazy ex-girlfriend. The composure under pressure that has allowed the Packers quarterback to have only one red-zone interception his entire career fits well in the dating world.

    Wisconsin isn't an ideal location to live for many potential women, but Rodgers gets away from Green Bay in the long NFL offseason anyway.

    Rodgers doesn't have to wear the pants in the relationship as long as he's allowed to wear the belt.

    It doesn't hurt that Rodgers is the biggest winner on the list.