Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton's Top 7 Moments of 2011 So Far

George SeligaCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2011

Carolina Panthers: Cam Newton's Top 7 Moments of 2011 So Far

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    Cam Newton is silencing all of his critics. Everyone thought he was going to be a bust and that the Panthers took the next JaMarcus Russell.

    Newton has proved everyone wrong and is now emerging as the future of this young Panther team. He has molded well into this offense and is settling into a good pocket passer.

    Cam has shown his abilities with touch passes, bullets across the middle of the field and his athletic ability of being able to create a play and get that first down.

    Here are the top seven moments of 2011 for Cam Newton.

No. 7: Cam Newton 16-Yard Touchdown Run Against the Washington Redskins

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    Cam Newton reverted back to his college days against the Washington Redskins. On the 16-yard line, the Panthers ran an option play. Cam faked the hand off and rushed into the end zone for a touchdown.

    This is a big moment because Carolina is showing that they are willing to design plays that Newton can excel in. He was successful in college with some option plays, and Carolina is capitalizing on what Cam is good at.

No. 6: Cam Newton's 26-Yard Touchdown Pass Against the Cardinals

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    Cam Newton showed he can be a passing quarterback in this play. If you watch, Newton drops back from being under center and looks Steve Smith's way. He pump fakes, which gives Smith time to make his move.

    After the pump fake, Cam looks off the defender but then quickly throws it where on Smith could catch it.

    This is a perfect example of Cam Newton maturing as a quarterback. He understood the route Smith was running and how he could get Smith open. I feel this is a play that helps Cam develop into a great quarterback in the future.

No. 5: Cam Newton's First NFL Touchdown

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    It is always special when a football player gets his first ever touchdown in the NFL. Cam Newton did it in style, as they ran a quarterback sneak and dove over defenders to score.

    This is a fantastic play call because it used Cam's athletic ability to run and jump for the score. Not to mention, Cam is a bigger quarterback, which makes him harder to bring down.

    This is one of the plays that will make him very successful in his NFL career, especially when his team is looking to score in the red zone.

No. 4: Cam Newton Passing Touchdown Against Packers

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    This was a big moment in Cam Newton's career. In his second start ever in the NFL, Newton faced the defending Super Bowl champs, the Green Bay Packers.

    In this play, Cam drops back and shows his accuracy and touch pass ability as he floats one to the corner of the end zone for a Carolina touchdown.

    This gave Cam confidence, as they got out to a hot start against an undefeated Packer team. Cam is improving every week and will be a great quarterback because of plays like this.

No. 3: 62-Yard Pass

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    This play was amazing for Cam. He saw and felt the Packer pressure, got away from it, stepped up in the pocket and launched it to Steve Smith. This shows Cam's ability to get out of trouble and make a play happen.

    This play shows off his incredible arm strength. The Panthers know they have a great future with Cam because of plays like this one.

No. 2: Cam Newton 77-Yard Bomb to Steve Smith

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    Cam Newton showed his ability to stay in the pocket and launch one deep. Steve Smith ran a streak route, and Cam was able to throw it up and hit Smith for a 77-yard completion.

    The speed of Steve Smith and the arm strength of Cam is a dangerous combination, and defensive coordinators are starting to take note of that.

    This play will stick out to any Panther fan because this is what the future holds. Cam has rejuvenated this Carolina franchise and has playmaker ability.

No.1 Cam Throws for 422 Yards in Debut Performance

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    This performance is the No. 1 moment for Cam Newton this year. He shocked everyone with a 422-yard passing performance and almost got his first win. Cam made plays with both his legs and arm. He showed touch on his passes and accuracy on the deep ball.

    Cam was 24-of-37 for 422 yards with a 64.9 completion percentage. He had two passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown and one interception. This was a fantastic performance by a rookie in his debut performance.

    Carolina knows they have a special player in Cam Newton. All of these highlights show why Cam will be a great NFL quarterback.