Georgia vs. Florida: 11 Little-Known Facts About Faded Rivalry

Matt Bowen@@IsItGameTimeYetAnalyst IIOctober 26, 2011

Georgia vs. Florida: 11 Little-Known Facts About Faded Rivalry

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    The Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic is due for its 90th meeting come this Saturday.

    This game is so big that it's held at a neutral site in Jacksonville, Florida.

    In what is one of the best rivalries in all of college football, this game has an abundance of history behind it. These states border one another and no fan likes to endure the hardship of losing to the rival for an entire year.

    For any sports guru, this game has to be on the bucket list, as it's recognized as something special. This season will be no different as the teams will battle for pride. For the seniors on both teams, no one wants to lose their last game to the other.

    Here are some little known facts about this steeped tradition.

No. 11: There's a Debate on When This Rivalry Began

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    This rivalry is so heated that the schools don't agree on when the first game actually took place.

    Georgia contends that the two first met in 1904 while Florida says it didn't even have a football team yet. The first agreeable game between the two sides was held in 1915 in Jacksonville, Florida.

    Georgia won that 1915 game, 37-0.

No. 10: Overall Record

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    Georgia has the upper hand on the all-time record between the two schools.

    Georgia claims that the record is 47-40-2 while Florida disputes the initial meeting in 1904 and says the record stands at 46-40-2.

    Whatever the actual record is, this is one rivalry that will live in college football lore forever.

No. 9: Florida Has Been Dominant the Last Two Decades

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    Despite the Georgia Bulldogs having the overall record, the Florida Gators have dominated the last two decades of this rivalry.

    Since, now former, Gators head coach Steve Spurrier took over in 1990, the Gators have won 18-of-21 meetings.

    This is not something Bulldogs fans want to think about—but until they start winning with consistency—it's reality. The last time Georgia won in back-to-back years was 1988-89.

No. 8: Formerly Known as World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party

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    This rivalry was once known as the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, but is now known by the much more conservative title of the Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic.

    The name rotates each year, depending on who is deemed the home team. Florida has the honors this year.

    Talk about going from sounding like a frat party to sounding like a nice, civilized church event.

    While many disagree with the name change, one can understand the image that the World's Largest Cocktail Party portrays.

    After all, the last thing a college kid needs is an excuse to drink all day long.

No. 7: This Is Now a Trophy Game

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    The Okefenokee Oar was deemed to be the trophy between the two schools in 2009.

    The oar is said to be 10-feet long and come from a cypress tree in the Okefenokee Swamp that borders the states of Georgia and Florida.

    Albeit a new tradition, it adds character to this already rich rivalry.

    The Bulldogs would sure like to take it back to Athens this year.

No. 6: This Isn't Just a Game—It's a Four Day Celebration

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    The rivalry between Georgia and Florida is much more than just is much more than just a football game. Truth be told, it's a festival.

    The city of Jacksonville, Florida reaps the benefits of hosting this game every year, as thousands upon thousands of college football fans flock to Jacksonville to take in the festivities.

    Among other happenings, RV City is set up for all the fans who know how to get down in an RV. Another popular event is a BBQ competition between fans from each side.

    This sounds more like a NASCAR event and not a football game. Tailgating to the extreme, it sounds impossible to have a bad time. 

No. 5: This Rivalry Has It's Own Hall of Fame

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    One of the best features of this rivalry is that it has its own Hall of Fame.

    Inductees are selected by their records, performances, highlights and the memories they've made to make this rivalry special.

    2011 University of Georgia Inductees: Kevin Carter and Nat Moore

    2011 University of Florida Inductees: John Brantley and Bill Saye

    This fact is pretty darn cool and should be respected by all college football fans.

No. 4: In 2007, Georgia Brought the Rivalry to a Fever Pitch

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    Known as the "Gator Stomp", the entire Georgia Bulldogs team rushed the field after scoring their first touchdown.

    It was something that had never been seen in college football before, a team rushing the field after scoring first, not last. The intimidation tactic seemed to work as the Bulldogs won 42-30.

    It may have been a curse—Georgia hasn't won since.  

No. 3: In 1995, Florida Embarrassed Georgia in Athens

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    With the stadium in Jacksonville under construction in 1994 and 1995, the rivalry took place on the respective campuses of Florida and Georgia.

    After winning at home in 1994, the Gators put a whoopin' on the Bulldogs in Athens in 1995.

    Florida won 52-17 that day. The 52 points put up by the Gators is the most ever allowed by a Georgia opponent at home.

No. 2 Florida Head Coach Will Muschamp Was a Georgia Bulldog

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    Florida head coach Will Muschamp played four years of football at the University of Georgia from 1991-94.

    Fans can expect to see a few "traitor" signs lingering throughout the crowd this week. In Muschamp's defense, he did grow up in Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators.

    In an interesting note, Muschamp never beat the Gators in his time at Georgia. This week he would like to beat his alma mater and get his program at Florida on track.

No. 1: Both Teams Are Coming off a Bye for the First Time in Rivalry History

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    It's kind of hard to believe, but this is the first time in the history of the rivalry between Georgia and Florida that both teams were idle the week previous.

    What this means is that both teams will be rested, prepared and focused.

    The Georgia Bulldogs are 5-2 while the Florida Gators are 4-3. This is the make-or-break game for each team's season.

    With a Georgia win, the Bulldogs will be winners of six straight games after dropping their first two of the season. A win would raise their stock and make the Bulldogs bowl eligible.

    With a Florida win, the Gators would stop their three game skid and have some hope left in the SEC East.

    Prediction: Georgia 24, Florida 21

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