The Best New York Yankees Managers of All Time

Pete Schauer@@Pete_SchauerCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2011

The Best New York Yankees Managers of All Time

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    Being such a monumental franchise, due in large part to winning 27 World Series titles, the New York Yankees have seen many different managers come and go throughout the years.

    32 managers to be exact, none finer than the five on this list. Combined, these five incredible managers have led the Yankees to 23 World Series titles and 33 pennants.

    Here are the five greatest managers in the history of the New York Yankees:

    (**Note: Managers were largely assessed on their number of World Series titles and win percentage.)

Honorable Mention: Billy Martin

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    The confrontational Billy Martin and his on and off relationship with The Boss is what makes him an honorable mention. 

    Performing five different stints as the Pinstripes manager, Martin's best years were in 1976-77, when he managed the Yankees to consecutive AL pennants, and a victory in the '76 World Series over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Although he was known for berating umpires and his addiction to alcohol, he was also recognized as a manager who turned losing clubs into winners.

    His tragic death on Christmas Day 1989 left George Steinbrenner and the city of New York in mourning.

    All in all, Martin managed eight seasons in New York, finishing 556-385 (.591 winning percentage).

5. Ralph Houk

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    Ralph Houk, AKA The Major, is most famous for taking over the reigns from the great Casey Stengel in 1961. 

    Known as a player's manager, Houk was impressive in his first managerial position with the Pinstripes, winning three consecutive AL Pennants and back-to-back World Series titles in 1961 and 1962. These teams featured the M&M boys, and saw Roger Maris hit 61 homers to break Babe Ruth's record.

    Houk managed the Yankees for 11 seasons, finishing in 1973 with a .539 winning percentage (944-806).  After leaving New York, Houk managed the Tigers and the Red Sox, but never won another pennant.

4. Miller Huggins

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    Mighty Mite managed the Yankees for 12 seasons between 1918 and 1929.

    During his time as manager, the Yanks won six pennants and three World Series titles.  Huggins had the great opportunity of managing Babe Ruth during his monstrous 1927 campaign that saw Ruth swat 60 homers.

    The proud manager of Murderer's Row died at the helm of the Yankees in 1929, but finished his career 1067-719 (.597 winning pct.) as a Yankee manager, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1964.

3. Joe Torre

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    No. 3 on the list is arguably one of the most beloved, if not THE most beloved man to ever manage the Yankees.

    Joe Torre's soft spoken attitude combined with his technique of motivating players and disciplining them behind closed doors is what made him a class act.

    Torre began his management career with the Yankees in 1996, having never won a pennant, and was thought of as "Showalter's replacement" rather than the new manager.

    Mr.T would go on to silence every critic, managing for 12 years and winning his first World Series in 1996, then winning back-to-back-to-back titles between 1998-2000. He managed the Yankees to 12 straight playoff appearances, and coached superstars such as Jeter, Rivera, Posada, O'Neill, Clemens and A-Rod.

    Overall, Torre finished his tenure with the Yankees sporting a .605 winning percentage (1173-767) along with four World Series titles and six pennants.

    He is currently MLB's Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, and undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer.

2. Casey Stengel

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    The Old Perfessor comes in at No. 2 on my list.

    Casey Stengel managed for 12 seasons in New York between 1949-1960, winning seven World Series titles and 10 pennants.  He had the honor of managing players such as Mantle, Berra, Ford, Martin and Rizzuto, and finished his career as Yankees manager with an astonishing 1149-696 record.

    Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1966, Stengel is the only manager in the history of baseball to manage a team to five consecutive World Series titles, and his .623 winning percentage is among the highest for a Yankees manager. 

1. Joe McCarthy

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    And the best New York Yankees manager of all time is....Joe McCarthy.  

    McCarthy managed the Bronx Bombers for 16 seasons, culminating in seven World Series titles, including four consecutive between 1936-1939, and eight pennants overall.  He had the fine opportunity of managing Yankee greats such as Gherig, Dickey and DiMaggio, and was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame in 1957.

    So, why is Stengel not No. 1?  While both managers won the same amount of World Series titles, and even while Stengel won one more consecutive title than McCarthy, McCarthy holds the all-time record for Yankee's managerial wins with 1.460 victories.

    Although McCarthy managed for four more years than Stengel, I'm still giving McCarthy the edge.  His .627 winning percentage was higher than Stengel's, and the fact that he was able to manage for four more seasons than Stengel is a token to the success of the greatest Yankees manager of all time.

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