WWE: Was the Sin Cara vs Sin Cara Feud Given Enough Background?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 15, 2011

Last night we saw yet another in a long line of Sin Cara attacking Sin Cara moments. At this point the two masked men have separated their identities by using color, but last night Sin Cara Negro took the mask from Sin Cara Azul.

These two have been going back and forth, but very little has been said on screen about the feud. They will throw tidbits about the history between the two in Mexico, but with neither man getting much promo time this feud seems more confusing than entertaining.

For weeks people were not sure which Sin Cara to cheer for, then when they chose to have different colors it was still confusing because the announcers never gave much info as to why they were fighting.

Many people know that these two men have history in Mexico, but many of the WWE fans have no idea why these guys are fighting other than the fact that they both claim the same identity.

These men need to be given translators for interviews and promos. Without anything but random attacks the feud has grown boring and stale, and I fear that the two may be locked into a storyline they can't get out of.

Sin Cara, the first one, came into WWE with a lot of hype around him, but soon his attitude earned him a negative reputation, and his wellness policy suspension would mean the character would be off TV for a month.

WWE decided to take another Luchador from FCW named Hunico and put the mask on him. Officials became impressed with his work and eventually the decision was made to keep him on the main roster and have two Sin Caras.

The feud seemed interesting at first, but eventually it looked like it would turn out to be more like the Kane vs Kane feud instead of the Undertaker vs Undertaker feud.

Having two men with the same identity fight is nothing new in WWE, but it is one of those storylines that rarely works well. When they tried it with Kane it failed miserably, but the Undertakers made the match between them great.

The Sin Cara vs Sin Cara feud needs some more effort behind it. They need to do some video packages outlining the problems they had in Mexico and some promos where they can at least talk trash to each other.

I know that some people may feel the storyline is beyond help, but I think with a little effort it could be a good one.

Do you think the Sin Cara vs Sin Cara feud has lost steam?

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